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I'm trying to stay motivated and get some projects finished up before my vacation is over, so I figured why not start a WIP.


First up is the Ghost King. He reminded me a lot of Shredder so that's what I'm going for at the moment.



Next up is the well. I've been fairly uninspired by this one. More than likely I will just hit it with some drybrush and pick out some of the other details.


This is an eventual christmas gift for my Mother in law. I've just about finished blocking in the colors and drybrushing the fur. I have an oblong 3x4 base that I'm going to affix them to once they are done.





The last one here is the mummy. Not much to say yet but here it is.


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Well I did more work on the Ghost King and the well.


For Shedder I'm definetly digging the red that I have going on, the purple not so much. I think I went too quick in the transition so I may go back and fix that if I'm feeling froggy. Next step will be dealing with the metallics. Once that's wrapped up I may deal with the face next. I was thinking about some spectral green eyes, but I honestly have no idea about how to go about it.



I did a small bit of drybrushing overall and picked out the eyes in green. I was going to paint the octo-head thing in greens and purples but I thought that would have been too much going on. I painted the well base blue mainly to stop any future PCs from freaking out. If it was green or red I'm sure my players would assume it was magic or eeeeevvvviiillll. So I avoided that headache. I should have some water effects to add into it somewhere at my desk to finish it off.


As always any C&C is welcome.

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