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Yotebeth' Minis: Mostly Bones (Update 9/23: Zombies and Swarms, oh my!)

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(Update 9/23: Zombies and Swarms, oh my!)

Rather than make this first post a long page of doom, I'll just reply to it with more pictures and link to it here.

9/23 Zombies and Swarms


Hey guys! I figured I'd just start my own topic for my painting log as I power through all the bones I got!

I will be updating this as I paint more. :)



77012: Gnoll Warrior

My first Bones Mini! I bought him while waiting for the rest to arrive, to see what this was all about. This is out of the box and painted. Didn't know about washing them first. >.>



77169: Flesh Golem Painted as an Earth Golem, because I didn't get the forces of nature addon.



77171: Stone Golem See above. :P



77090: Mason Thornwarden This was an experiment in speed painting. I think I painted him in about 45min from start to finish. Not bad. He was just a breif encounter/NPC for my game the following night and I wanted some color on him.



A Goat from Crocodile Games...do you know how hard it is to find a goat/ram mini? Guh.



02764: Desmaendus, Gladiator An interesting thing, my D&D world that I've been running for 6 years now features a fantasy version of Egypt and a Grecco-Roman civilisation. To that end, no fair skinned PCs! Been a lot of fun painting all these characters. :)



02738: Helena Female Gladiator I Lurve this Mini. Really, really fun to paint.



89013: Ezren, Iconic Wizard When working on this guy, I tried to stick to a real limited pallet. I like the way it turned out.



77121: Liela, Dark Elf Wizard So far this is the only Bones mini I've toruble with. A lot of the detail on her was...smudged for a lack of a better term. Was a little bit hard to work on, so some of it got fudged.



14230: Sir Daman,Crusaders Hero I hate to say this, but Reaper desperatly needs some new armored female mounted characters. The Garrity ones that are out there are really, really dated, and the rest either don't have armor, or their horse is standing still. Hopefully we'll see some new ones with KS2!! That being said, I LOVED painting this mini.



77063: Duke Gerard When I knew I was making a mounted character for D&D, I knew I was gonna need a on-foot version. I opened my case of bones, and this guy was the first one I pulled out. I was THRILLED. Close enough. :)



77047: Goldar, Male Barbarian with Heaswap Another fun mini made even more fun with a little head swap. I admit, I did feel a little bad taking the nippers to him, but only for a moment. :)


Well, that's all I've got done for now.





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Its funny, out of all of them I was like, WHAT a GOAT?!!! COOL!


I just got some pigs and chickens, jeesh theyre expensive. I really want a good polar bear and forgot where I saw one but it was like $12 and I was like ug, thats too much to spend on a polar bear at the moment.


I like that you did your gnoll as an albino. I find that horses are such a pain I put them off to later, due to make crazy barding designs and heraldry.

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9/23 Zombies and Swarms


I decided to try something a little new this time, and went with some of the swarms, specifically zombies and vermin.



77128: Vermin: Spider Swarm: I was gonna put little hour glasses on their butts, but got lazy, and went with black and green dots to tell the two groups apart. I don't know why, but red spiders just works.



77129: Vermin: Rat Swarm: I only now noticed that I didn't delineate these two from eachother...oops. >.<




77127 Vermin: Beetle Swarm: I don't know if you can see, but these actually have a coat of color shifting gloss on them. Just turns sparkly teal in the right light.




77053: Zombies: These guys will mostly be used as minions, but I painted their loincloths different, just in case I needed to tell them apart.



77014: Zombies: I admit, I struggled some times trying to figure out what was cloth on these guys, but I made it work in the end.



That's all for now! Thanks for looking!


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