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Fitz's Heapin' Mountain o' Bones... progress thus far

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I was able to pry apart my Eye Beast's head with a flat screwdriver. Since painting Michelle Dancing Blades I mercilessly amputate anything in the way. It all glues back together nicely. Many of the glue bonds on my kickstarter Bones are weak, so testing to see if you can pry them apart may save some painting grief. The Faceless Horror is another trouble piece for getting inside.


I was similarly able to separate mine (I did it right after boiling, so the plastic was nice and bendy). I had to use a little bit of knife, but it was in the back part of the tab, right next to the globs of glue that prevented a nice seam.

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I've been able to pull pretty much all of my Bones apart for ease of painting - my Eyebeast virtually popped apart with very little effort. Not even a screwdriver or boiling water required.


These are pretty much all awesome. I love the subtlety of your Eyebeast, and the texturing of the rats is superb. How did you get that effect on their fur if you don't mind me asking?

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....the texturing of the rats is superb. How did you get that effect on their fur if you don't mind me asking?


Simple as simple can be. They're just block-painted in Vallejo VMC 70884 Stone Grey, 70955 Flat Flesh for the noses, ears, tails and feet, and then a coat of Citadel Devlan Mud wash. I did some pin-washing to deepen some shadow areas, and that's pretty much it. Oh yes, and I painted some striations on the tails to make them look wormier.

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Dude. These are awesome. I would have loved to see a WIP for the not-Beholder's main eye.


Well, maybe this is a next-best-thing.




  1. I started by painting the surrounds of the eye (sclera? I'm not sure precisely what it's called) in a fleshy pink, then painted in the white of the eyeball.
  2. Next I used a small compass to draw the circle of the iris, and painted that in with a very dark red (VGC Heavy Black Red, to be precise)
  3. Then I started painting fine lines radiating out from the centre of the iris in a lighter, but still dark, red.
  4. I over-painted those lines with more lines in a brighter red, not worrying about the underlying lines. I wanted a streaky effect, not too linear.
  5. The cat's-eye pupil was next, in black.
  6. Last in the iris, I painted very short radiating lines in orange towards the outside edge of the iris, and some dots around the pupil.
  7. Then I painted a very light glaze of acrylic medium and transparent artist's watercolour (sanguine) over the outer edge of the white. As it turns out, this is hardly visible at all.
  8. Next, a couple of dark red washes, to outline the eyeball and surrounding tissue, and give it a red-rimmed bloodshot look.
  9. Last, two coats of acrylic gloss varnish.
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I did some pin-washing

I feel like I'm pretty on top of the jargon in this hobby, and I have no idea what this means!



A pin-wash is just an isolated area of wash, rather than an all-over coat. Vehicle modellers use them a lot to pick out seams and weld lines and the like.

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