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Hey again, I figured I would stop by and show my progress on my next project. Like the topic name suggests I am answering the question of "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?" the answer being obviously:


Reaper 50217: The Black Mist (*Cough The Shadow cough cough*)



Now this is only my second miniature and I'm not finished with him yet (lots of touch ups that I need to finish up), but here is my progress with him so far:




Biggest issue I had so far would have to be the eyes...between the scarf and the hat it was a pain to paint the eyes. Don't mind the strange texture that seems to show in the pictures since the figure itself doesn't actually look like that. Still working on using the spray on primer, but making progress as I didn't really care for the paint on primer.


Aside from that I'll post again when he's all finished. I look forward to seeing what you all have to say.

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Hey yall, thanks for the comments and compliments.


I definitely realized that plack was probably going to be a pain to highlight, but I luckily managed to find some dry brushing techniques that I think worked out well. I finished the mini last night, but haven't taken any new pics of him yet to show off.


By the way I'm glad I took my time with the prep this time since he had a lot of mold lines and flashing to deal with. I'll post the finished product when I get some free time. The next project is a Hell Dorado Alchemist which is a lot more detailed (with some assembly required) and not from Reaper, but looks like it'll be a lot of fun still.

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