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[WIP] Bones Pirate Crew


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Got the itch to do some pirates! And lo'! The Vampire package came with four, so let's paint four of 'em, shall we?


Nothing really special. Bones figures, primed grey, then a couple different skin tones. Girls are light, shirtless guy will be tanned, and the dwarf in betweens. Painting one on video (link at the end) but the other three are for my own enjoyment.


I do paint slower than molasses, but maybe I can work on my viscosity.





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Dah who? Frost you say? Wha?


*pulls up spreadsheet inventory, which opens up to Line 126: "Pirate"*


*roots around in bag f*


Oh, shiver me timbers! Looks like I've given the poor captain a bit of the cold shoulder. I didn't mean to ice him from this painting setup. Maybe a bit of rum will warm him up enough to start getting painted along with the others. Guess that means I've got a little catching up to do.


Anyway, on with the update:


I've decided that table top minis should really not be photographed closely. They are an art much better appreciated at arms length.

Gave the pirates something to look through, be it half-way blind and unable to focus on objects at any distance. Not that good on eyes, but not going to worry about that too much. I believe I can improve the looks of this sorry lot a bit by going over with the flesh colors a bit more around the edges, plus dotting in the pupils. And then hold them at arms length.

Just had a flash to the scene in A League of Their Own where they are showing all the lovely ladies, and then Marla Hooch. Yeah. I'm going to start referring to my tabletop minis as Marlas.

Vid after the pics.


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Well time for the monthly painting session! Next paragraph is going to be serving whine with cheese, so feel free to skip it to get to the painting.

Oh, Real Life, why do you have it out for me? Between overtime, kids activities, wifey activities, and the general weariness that comes with that, I've had no time to paint. Sure, I could try to paint when I'm tired, but that doesn't sound like a good idea. Maybe I should try it, as that seems to be the only way I'll find any time. But things are looking up! Taking a week of vacation, and out of the five days off, two aren't filled with family fun.

Alright! Painting. As ub3r_n3rd pointed out, I'd missed a pirate, Captain Frost. Since I'd already decided on who the Captain was, how to retcon things such that he works? Aha! Undead Captain! So, here's the story: Captain Frost is the current captain's grandfather. He was such a stubborn and mean captain that one night after an ungodly amount of rum, he became deceased. But being the stubborn sort, and with plenty of natural preservative coursing through his body, he refuses to just lay down and stop moving. And there is no way that Mr. Grim is coming to reap his soul until that happens. So a little Moldy Skin flesh, and he's caught up with the rest of the crew on their way to the display cabinet.

For this update, I started in on the clothes. Pirate captain got some Military Blue, Finaela has a nice body suit (bodice?) in Amber Gold, Gruff is showing off his neat Yellowed Bone pants, while his underling carries on in Desert Khaki. Captain Frost, sports Military Blue like his granddaughter. I also touched up Finaela's eye, and I think it looks better.

Vid of the pirate captain being painted after the pics!


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Thanks, Maglok. I do enjoy making them.


Put some Grass Green on the pirates, as it's the Captain's main color. Figured I might as well make it a thematic color across all five, so did touches here and there of what wasn't planned already. Hmm. Maybe that'll have to be the name of the pirate ship. Greener Grass, or some twist of a phrase. Pictures and video.


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So, some of you may have already seen the next video. I put it up as a scheduled thing, so something would pop up while I was on vacation. Here's what was done. Not much. Managed to get some ivory on the detail bits of her jacket. Oh! And "her" turns out to be Mariel Twinspar. Found that rummaging around somehow. Jotted it down, but didn't jot down the exact source. Did a bit of ivory on Finaela too. Didn't see any areas that I put on the other three, so won't post up any extra pictures of that.


And video:

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Two more months, and I managed to get some more painting done. Okay, okay. So I did it a week ago and just now got unlazy (had a halftime to burn) and decided to post. Simple putting in of Chestnut Brown on her hair, then splashing it also on the other four. For the good deceased captain, I plan on going over it with some gray to age the beard a bit. Maybe gray and white. Also, I was perusing the Reaper website and noticed that the "pirate with chest" now has a name... I just don't recall it.

Definately in "turtle mode" on painting, but I'm slowing getting things done!


And the video, too.

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Actually got some more paint put down, but two weeks ago actually. Video was already up, but I drug my feet on getting the pictures done. Went with a different camera this time as I'd managed to come with an idea for the web camera I use to make the videos. I had my wife hot glue two magnets to the back, so I can just reattach it to the painting rig whenever I want. Works really well sitting on a metal plate too, and easily rearranged. That had been one of my mental hurdles, "Oh, I don't want to make a video today, the camera isn't attached to the rig". Setting up now takes less than five minutes.

Anyway, pictures and vids. Noir Black. Didn't put any black on the fourth pirate member, so didn't take a picture of him.


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Got a bit more done. Blackened brown and some polished silver. Used up the paint on the other crew, but don't really remember where. Hard to see the silver vs the base primer.

I've been debating what to do on the two female pirates. "Do a wash" keeps popping up over and over and over. My conscious brain keeps telling me that there's something wrong with that instinct. I believe I've hit upon why: the two have no real facial features. Which I mean to say, you can't see what their faces look like. The second pirate really shows that as she's got no lips it seems. Very monotone. Compare that to the guy carrying the chest. Just the shear fact that his features stick out further, it creates a natural shadowing which the girls don't have. So, I think I'll do a bit of shading on their faces before I resort do doing washes. It will probably make things a little better and then I can decide if I want a wash or not.


And the vid:

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I'm now officially done with the pirates. Well, as far as I'll get with them for now. They are complete, mind you. I just have decided not to make the diorama-style base to hold all of them. Was going to make a sandy beach with a boat, but changed my mind. Ready to move on to something else.

For this last go around, the main pirate, Mariel Twinspar, was done already. I didn't do much else to her from the last go. I think the only thing I did do was give another coat of Stained Ivory to the base for the sand. Everybody else got touches and details done in either Misty Grey, Old West Rose, Scorched Metal, and Earth Brown. Did Grimeclean's beard in the grey with the brown as a wash, then did the same for the base on Finaela as I wanted it to look like old weathered wood that had turned grey. I liked the effect. Used the metallic paint for bits and bobs here and there. Think that's it, and glad to have wrapped up this bit.

Out of all of them, I think like the male pirate, Hajad, the best. Wasn't really trying on him so that's a bit odd to me.

Next project? I think I'll be doing some scratch-built sci-fi devices. Been holding on to some very interesting plastic bits for a long time, and they're currently calling to me, so figure it was time to do them. Not planning a a video series that shows every single stroke. But I'll probably record the highlights and the major milestones on them.


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      I've painted the armor with a black-and-silver mix, then painted over with diluted silver where I imagine the light hits. I'm happy with the effect. I feel like I've messed up the face. I layered Vallejo Paint Bronze Fleshtone (over that color + white) to simulate shade from the helmet, and tried to pain the eyes gold because she's depicted with glowing eyes in the official artwork. I think I should just have gone for skin-wash... I hope I can salvage it. I also see now that I haven't been thorough with removing the mold lines and messed up the gold detail somewhat.
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      I definitely want to add highlights to the hair, but I don't know what color. Mixing red and white would give pink, and that doesn't seem right. I tried glazing with orange, but wasn't happy with the result, so I glazed over with red again. It's still slightly visible.
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