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Blood Apache Campaign OOC


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Campaign Title: The Second N'dee War

Blood Apache Statement of Derision


Red Sentinal Statement of Derision


Battle for Cassini




Cast of Characters





OK, I guess this is probably much easier than tracking emails so we'll do the basic stuff out in the open. Classified stuff stays out of the public....





A Hot drop to catch the TACOPs is not a bad idea, though I would prefer you wait until the Tecumseh passes through its fire support run. that way, most of those Halo 81, 82 and 83 series Opex gun towers are alpha mike foxtrot, if you know what mean. :poke: I think a Section of SOC would then be able to get around, but there is a full tomahawk immediately in the area of the Mobile TACOPs.


I misread the Sierra Romeo coordinates, it was a sad offset, so we're looking at Mike Quebec for the underground facility. Looks good for a hit, and the same SOC section could manuever both missions. The core of Lucky 8s should stay in their operation area, your running a delay against the entire Ortiz Battery and the fact we initiated phase 2 deployment already means they're all shook up.


We'll put the SOC section at 1500 points max and you can add that to the Lucky 8 roster. If you feel a little bloated, you can cut loose G Unit and we'll figure something out for them. My niece should be coming back from New York soon anyway.

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I don't having a problem detaching a small group to alpha mike foxtrot that TACOPS if need be, sounds like fun to me. On top of that we get the added benefit of trying to figure out what the hell I am up to and where I will be striking next ;)

I figure hitting Delgado TACOPS should give SOC room to breathe as well.

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yeah with the TACOPs out, Delgado is screwed out of overall initiative. they'll be blind as a bat. once they are out of the picture, all of our initiative is no longer canceled out, meaning everytime you manuever against Delgado, add 2 cards to the deck for you or a +2 to each initiative roll.


Which reminds me, Ortiz TACOPs was already taken out in our air raid, so you already have that bonus against them. Our initiative is canceled out against the Silent Storm, being they operate as recon for themselves. that was pretty evident with the pattern the held when we first deployed.

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Hey Red

If you catch this message during the weekend, give me a call.


I have the first preliminary datacards of the Special Operations Cybot, but there are some fine details about its handling that you need to know about. I probably won't do up a model until I know the machine works within the game balance.

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I'm tweaking some campaign data at this moment


go ahead and give me a basic loadout of how you want to use the SOC, but I would prefer you use one of each variant. the max is 1500 points, just let me know what weapons, and upgrades you choose. the SOC is a single pilot thing so consider the WSO upgrade as levels of AI programming.


I will write up the kill the TACOPS, and underground infiltration scenario based on your tactical load outs.

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well, I was actually thinking after they are tested out a bit, but if you want to incorporate the test for the campaign, thats cool too. I'm always open to ideas.


If you want to go stock at first, I'm cool with that; just give me an idea of what optional weapons you choose (rifles, grenades, etc,etc) so I can get a point cost and weigh that against the mission profile. I don't want to assign them to a situation that may be way more than they could handle.

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OK Red

We'll be starting the Cassini campaign back up soon, but I got to tie up a few things with the Red Sentinel thread.


We're in for some interesting twists.


Please submit your latest battle report (eliminate Luietenent Mchale) so I can enter this data in the spread sheet and give you your updated logistics scores.


I also need to know how much Artillery was used up.

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well, it'll take some time for Lt Mchale to recoup his losses.


Currently, Red I have you holding NC2424 (11 3/4, 4 3/4) but Geronimo is directly overhead, so I highly doubt you'll be bothered by any large scale movements. your next objective would be to move into your operations area while the Geronimo covers you.


After tonight's game, you will have the Geronimo covering all of your movements from here out and you will be able to call in fire at will. Remember Geronimo only has four guns and recycle time is a turn.


The Spartans would deploy over the original G Unit deployment zone, and air support will take out that ECCM tower 78E before they do.


Commander Alex Boma will be tasked with pressing into the L8 zone and hitting the breeder facility. We ripped up the Disciples defense grid, now we have a lot more room to manuever.


currently, Ortiz Battery is the major threat to our operations, Delgado is too busted up to be any more but a nuisance, and of course the Silent Storm is still a MAJOR THREAT in your immediate area. the both of you will conduct operations now focusing on neutralizing the Ortiz Battery.


Wild Apaches will sieze the opportunity created by Tecumseh and Sierra Groups and try to secure that crossing. Ortiz will be hit from front to back if we can get past the last of Delgado......


Fortunately, Ortiz has lost much of their C3, and currently we all have a +2 TACOPS advantage against Ortiz. this means extra initiative, use it.


On a bad note, the disciples will most likely be reinforced throughout the planet by none other than the Red Sentinals. Expect full Squadrons of CAV heavy elements smoke assing from the south when the Coyotero pull out.

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@ Stuart and Spartan

I'm updating some positions on the map itself. sifting through all the incured losses,ETC,ETC. will have it all to you early tommorrow


@Spartan, your LZ is already marked, just need to know what your bringing to the party.


@Red With Spartan dropping in, your first task will be to Op for Silent Storm up north, in particular those two Samurai. We lost a dropship in that area before, you'll have to Alpha Mike Foxtrot the Silent Storm Lead Element


comes out to 2568 points


Starhawk VI

789 points (Elite Crews)


Samurai (see the Milnet thread)

621 points (Elite Crews)



621 points (Elite Crews)


Sovereign 3

537 points (Elite Crews)


this is Captain Ryger's section, He's in the Starhawk VI, and its safe to say Delgado infantry will be covering him, at least 2 platoons, 1500 points each. Watch out for Luietenant Nelson at 2000 points. He's sure to be near.


please confirm

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