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Circle of Orboros - Kaya Moonhunter and Laris - Privateer Press


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Been Gone for a while, burnt out a bit on painting and needed a little bit of a rest. My wife was asking for another Warlock for her Circle Army so I painted another Kaya model I had. I was hoping to show off a Reaper Dragon and a couple of other figures by now. They are at least glued together and waiting for some gap putty. Hope you enjoy :)







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Thanks everybody! I'm glad I posted :)


I really love the way the green and silver/grey work for the armor, and the red cloak is very smoothly done. I hope you don't mind me stealing your color ideas for a few of my pieces.


No problem. I love the studio painted white wolf, but I try always to figure out a way to vary from the studio in some way and at the same time stay relatively close to the original theme. After all, the studios colors are what brought my attention to the models in the first place. I honestly had no idea if the black wolf was going to turn out OK and part of the way through painting it I was starting to doubt my color choices. I use reaper paints, some colors have a small amount of mixing. Mostly he is black with pearl white armor, sparkling green, ghost white and purple highlights, blood red, dark red pale green and bone white.



In case anybody knows these models they may have noticed I do not have the awful Pancake Hand that she comes with. I dropped it somewhere into the black hole oblivion that is my bedroom floor (must be the same black hole that swallowed up my micronaut parts and star wars/gi joe guns as a kid.) I ended up sculpting that glove/hand she has.

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