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Why are the minis green?


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Hello, all!


I'm new to painting. Just started with my Mice and Mystics minis last week.


I thought it would be neat to get D&D avatars for my gaming group to work on together, and stumbled upon Reaper and these forums. So cool!


I'm amazed at the work you all have done.


I have lots of questions and have made sure to use the search function first.


One question I haven't seemed to find an answer to is: Why, on so many of the product pages, are the models green? Is it a popular color to prime with, or is that something other than paint?


I'm sure I'll discover much more as I go along. I'm looking forward to learning from you all!


Nice to meet you!



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Ooh! That's SO COOL to see the originals!


Thank you very much for the warm welcome, all!


Surprised nobody mentioned it but when the epoxy putty is new and a raw material: half of it is Blue; the other half is Yellow. The two halves are mixed to activate the putty (starting the hardening process). When mixed it turns Green (for the same reason mixing blue and yellow paint usually yields some shade of green).


Sculpting is done after the putty is mixed (and still soft) but before it hardens.


Edit: You asked about priming: black, white, or grey are the usual colors. (I have tried brown a time or two but that's another story.)


ps: Welcome.

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