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River City Ransom Underground


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I have to go outside the normal bounds I set for myself on this one and post it to share. I usually hate doing this, and this isn't a miniatures related kickstarter, but I can't help myself.


Back in the heydays of Nintendo, my best friend and I wasted so much time on the original River City Ransom, that it wasn't funny. In fact, even after we had 'grown up' into Playstation and PC games, we kept coming back to this game for the shear fun of it. The first game tells the story of Alex and Ryan on a quest to save Ryan's girlfriend from Slick. The fun part was the crazy names of the gangs you fight (who doesn't love gangs named The Squids or Generic Dudes?), the weird items you could eat/read/use/wear to power up, and the way you could interact with your environment in River City (go ahead and try messing with me while I have a trash can to throw at you!).


Anyway, seems this company Conatus Creative has gotten the rights to the game and it's cannon. They plan on making an updated version of the game for PC with a release date some time in late 2014. I will say, I am a fan of the material, but have no idea about the reputation of the company involved. Please take a look and join in if you think its worth it!



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