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Paint & Game Day, Finger Lakes, NY


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I painted Flo's base and started on mom's xmas gift (no WIP just to be safe): http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/52347-flo-zombicide-survivor/


Had a great time, even if I didn't get a ton of painting done. Nice to meet some more of the forum folks, such great people here!


Next time maybe I won't leave the minis I primed to bring to Paint Day sitting on my kitchen counter.

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Scenes from Paint Day:



Jen with the magnifiers looks up from her zombies. Eric is too busy working on his scantily clad warrior princess.
Follow Jen's painting on her blog: http://minipainterjen.blogspot.com/



Jen gathers her zombie troops to return home. Thanks for coming Jen.




Dan Goodchild and his wife. Dan's working on his WIP of Yephima the Cloud Giantess and Michelle works on her Mummies.



And right back to work.



MiniCannuck stops to look up for the picture from working on prepping a bunch of Bones and considering how to get the Jabberwocky to stand up straight.



My sister, Carrie, manages to finish up her Elf Archer. MiniCannuck considers some colors and Cash Wiley's head remains glued to the light as he puts the finishing touches on "Flo" the Diner Waitress Survivor from Zombicide.



The family that paints together... Anne and Eric help their oldest daughter, Meghan, get started on her first mini ever. Anne contemplates her Bones Minotaur.



As always a big thanks to those that came. For those that are within reasonable distance or unreasonable distance for that matter, we meet again in January on the 11th. Pending the weather. Snow Date will be the following Saturday.


If you are on Facebook and want to join the group, shoot me a PM with your FB info or search for Markshire Miniature Painting on FB.


Miniature images from Jen, Anne, Eric, Meghan and Carrie to come yet.

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Hey ya'll, I sent a request to join the Markshire group. I'm down in Ithaca and have had some pretty good luck so far in organizing painty days and getting folks to paint at The Enchanted Badger here. My better half and I would love to meet and paint with all of you lovely people if ya'll will have us. I've got a group called F.L.I.R.T.S. that I'd started up to try and organize gamers and painters in the fingerlakes area as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/282802481814923/



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Neat! I live in Troy, about 3 1/2 hours away (and I usually have something going on Sundays,) but maybe I'll make it by sometime. This is a really cool idea.


The more the merrier. I might have to bring more tables though. LOL I do own a bunch.

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Don't want to steal your thunder, but https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dragon-Snack-Games/361313642048'>Dragon Snack Games is starting to do a Paint Day on the first Saturday of the month (most months, but an MtG prerelease and local convention will interfere in February). We had a bunch of people last time, but new people are always welcome!


I'm about a half hour south of Rochester off of 390 (Exit 7, Mount Morris). Feel free to bring your own stuff, but we do have paints and some brushes on hand for use (and to buy).


Thrym, can I get a link to your fb group? If you'll have me... :unsure:

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I live in Troy

My condolences :)


I've lived in all three cities of the NYS Capital District (Albany, Schenectady, Troy,) and I must say that Troy has the absolute worst public services, but overall Schenectady is scarier. Albany is nicer, but the rent is higher and the parking sucks.


My wife and I are looking to move out to Poestenkill, one of the outlying villages, at some point. ;)

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We hit Albany for concerts, mostly. LOVE the Egg, best acoustics I've ever heard and you pull off the highway directly into the parking lot! For years we dreaded the Palace, great venue but "here, park in this ghetto" was getting old fast. They finally opened up one of the government building lots, thank Odin.

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