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I just picked up his face.


I had gotten him back in the day, but he was either missing the face piece, or I had lost that piece over the years. So there were several occasions I had wanted to build him, but I hadn't been able to, until I remembered they have a bone yard here. And Huzzah, now I have a complete mini. ^_^ Maybe I'll paint mine up soon.


Yours is looking good. Nice clean paint job.

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Yay! New photos and much better photos. I'm leaving the original above, but ShadowRaven's idea really worked. I used some taupe charcoal paper and ran charcoals over it, and wow does he pop now! Going to be cross posting over to the "here there be dragons" contest now, but I figured, since not everyone goes to those forums, I'd post here too!







Although I'm completed with him, any critique is welcome, so I know for the next time I set out.

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Wow... Like bombed today!


Apparently there are (edit) 11 (/edit) people who liked my Abyzarran today, in addition to Kuro's and Vegel's comments. Thank you all!


It's especially nice to see painters who are certainly higher than my level of skill either smiling (thus liking) or seeing some measure of improvement for me.



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