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Best way to paint a Standard?


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The first two choices that pop into my mind are paint it on or decal it on.


You can google around the interwebs for how-to's on freehand painting. There are a lot of good pages of advice. Freehand painting is just something that takes some time and patience... I hope to suck less at it someday.


The other option is to buy some decal paper and print your own waterslide decals. Decals can look awful if done wrong, but if done right they can look painted on. I've had great luck with decals when placed on a gloss coated surface then add another gloss coat on top. There are also products to help with decals on non flat surfaces, products like 'micro-sol'. After the mini is done do a matte coat and the fact that the decal is a decal should be well hidden.

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At the risk of repeating some part of Jen's article, a couple of comments on the techniques I use:


1) Rough in the design in the shadow color you'll be using. This will help to separate it from the background.


2) Clean the design up by painting in the shadow color for the ground the design sits on (shield, banner, pauldron, breastplate, cloak, whatever). This is intended to make smooth lines smooth.


3) Highlight the center of each stroke or area of the design to help it pop.


4) Highlight the ground appropriately.


Your design is fairly simple, so it shouldn't be impossible to work with.

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Here's how I painted this banner.


I used a 6B pencil to sketch the basic design on the banner.
I then painted the design using a thinner than normal base coat 2:1 to 1:1 paint to water

I kept going until it looked right to me

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