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Reaper Bones Beauty Pageant


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Once upon a time, on an internet site far far away, there was an event known as the Brettonian sorceress beauty contest. You can still find old etchings and references to this event, in which sorceresses from all over the land competed for the title of Most Beautiful.

I believe it is time for a Reaper Bones event. Are there sufficient interested sorceresses to participate? If so, will their guardians please speak up.

If there is interest, this is the figure we will paint 77076: Lysette, Female Elf. This figure is part of the Vampire Kickstarter package. The challenge will be short dated, probably ending before Halloween. Comments? Questions?

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No- talents! They have to have talents. Like, mine will play the violin and have a masters degree in mechanical engineering, with the intention of going back to school using the scholarship money from this pageant to get another master's in astrophysics and work for NASA. Oh, and "world peace!"


I think we should write backstories.

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