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Pbartholdy's sculpting WIP


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Hi everyone.


I'm a miniature sculptor from Denmark who's relatively new to sculpting. I've been sculpting my own figures for about two or three years, in the beginning to do my own takes on miniatures for wargaming. I found I enjoyed the process immensely and feel that I've actually gotten fairly good at it. I was hoping at some point to be able to work freelance, or perhaps even full-time as a sculptor. Reaper seems like a good place to start, so I thought I'd share some of my work on these forums.


Here's a WIP of a mutant spawn thing that I'm currently working on:


WIP shots:


I appreciate any kind of feedback. I'm here to learn, so if any of you have any tips or corrections I'll welcome it.


My plan is to update this thread as I start new projects, in part to get feedback, and in part to motivate myself to continue (Although that's rarely a problem).

I'm looking forward to share more of my stuff here!



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Thanks a lot to both of you, and thanks for the tip Jasper. I've written them an e-mail :)


Update time: zpbt.jpg
I'm pretty happy with it as it is so far. I think this is some of the best sculpting I've done yet. I still need to do the spikes on its back and some minor other detail work, but it's getting close to done.
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It's done!
For anyone who's interested, I'm currently communicating with dark-art-studios.co.uk about releasing this thing. I'll post updates when I know more.
Another thing regarding beesputty. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but after baking the stuff it becomes very brittle, to the point where i've had to repair both horns on this miniature, as well as the spikes on its shoulders, either by gluing them back together, or with greenstuff. I'm not sure I'd recommend it. Do any of you have similar experiences?


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I've been commissioned by [a href=http://worldsendpublishing.com/this-is-not-a-test/]worlds end publishing[/a] to do a miniature with the possibility for doing more if this one comes out well. WEP has made the rules for a post-apocalyptic, kinda fall-outish tabletop game in 28mm scale. You should go and check it out!

Anyways, the concept for the Psychic Husk goes as follows: The common mutant psychic is maligned by most wasterlanders, not only due to its misinformed sense of superiority, but also because of the inherent danger of its powers. The husk is a prime example of why this fear may be justified. When a psychic loses control of its power, either by accident or by intent, there is a good chance it will fry its brain. The body lives on and the psychic husk is doomed to wander the wastes. What makes them so dangerous is that their psychic powers are actually enhanced. The psychic powers become powerful weapons that randomly manifest themselves as the creature wanders free from the demands of conscious thoughts. The husk ranges far and wide sowing mindless terror until its inevitable death.

Besides from that the client asked for it to be dried out, as it's spent most of its post-fry time in the desert sun.

He's 28mm from boot heels to eyes.







Also, here's some more progress on the spawn:



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Finally finished the Psychic Husk which I've been working on for http://worldsendpublishing.com/. Just waiting for the sculpt to be approved.

Considering this is the first 28 mm scale miniature that I've made (all my previous sculpts has been somewhat larger) I'm quite happy with the result.

I feel I've learned a lot doing it, so that's very positive. I really liked the concept too, so it was a joy doing it.


What do you think?

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I love how he turned out! The expression is very good, and I love the pose, it definitely brings a sense of motion to him (as well as his flared coat). He's one spooky dude alright, I'd love to see him painted! I also like how you aged/weathered his clothes, it really gives them personality.



--OneBoot :D

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