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Vaeloth, My First Bones & Base

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So I signed up for the Figure Exchange that is supposed to end this coming Saturday and picked Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin from the Bones Kickstarter for my partner (who doesn't know who he or she is). Unfortunately, my summer exploded into all kinds of "too much to do" so I wasn't able to really get down to working on him until about a week ago.


My intended recipient requested a scenic base, so this would be the very first time I've tried to base a figure. One problem I ran into, also related to "too much to do" syndrome, was that I wasn't able to locate starter bases at any of the very few stores I was able to check out, nor did any of them have "greenstuff" (or similar putties), so it has been a bit of an adventure trying to jury rig something over the past week. I finally figured something out using a tube of model putty I had on hand (it is also green but is a thick gel that is really intended for filling in gaps rather than molding), an inverted metal bottle cap and segments of V's original "broccoli" base.




In the end, the gelatinous nature of this particular putty actually worked in my favour because I was aiming for a surface with the look of cooled lava flow. It may be hard to tell at this point, but it is intended to look like a spot where a very, very small, "micro-volcano" was created by thick lava bubbling up through the ground. Initially creating a dome of molten rock, the center collapsed slightly as it cooled forming a shallow crater. The spot has been solid for a long while while but something has stirred things up and lava is slowly beginning to bubble up again, causing the surface of the crater to start cracking. Hopefully the paint job I do will make this obvious. :-)


Next I knew I had to "pin" V to his base, which I did with two tiny pieces of electrical wire stripped of its plastic coating pushed into each foot and then pushed into the top of the base along with a dab of Crazy Glue. I then used a little bit more of the putty to fill in spaces between his feet and the base.




Next, I wanted to be sure the paint stayed on everything so I used white paint on primer on the whole base, though I didn't bother with V himself. Then I decided to try using the technique of doing the figure's eyes first, as described in this article: http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/12




So far so good!

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Next stage - skin base coat.


V is a hellborn, and most people tend to do reds, oranges and browns for those with demons and devils among their ancestry but I decided I didn't want to do that. Instead, I wanted something that was very dark with an undertone on the purple side of red rather than than the orange side. I spent some time mixing various colours from the kickstarter paint sets (I bought all four) and ended up settling on a mix of two drops "Nightmare Black" (which is really a very, very, deep, dark almost indigo blue) and one drop of "Spattered Crimson" for an almost-black purple.


This colour also helped to really make his "cats eyes" pop. (Speaking of which, the photo in my first post was after the undercoat but before I'd painted his pupils. The undercoat colour is 50/50 "Alien Goo" + "LED Blue")




Sorry, this photo doesn't have the best focus. I took another showing his tail but it was worse so I'm not going to bother uploading it. (I can't even blame my camera because it's a mid-level SLR Digital and I was using manual focus settings). I will try to remember to take new ones before I move on to the next step.



One thing I have decided to do before further painting is to cut off his right arm (the one holding the shield) and then pin and glue it back on after the painting is done. I got quite frustrated with the shield while trying to paint the right side of V's face and was thinking it was going to be very annoying to paint around in general. Then, today, when I did a search for other WIP's on Vaeloth, I found this thread by demonelf3 for the metal version showing the figure's body with this limb removed, and I had a little "Ah-ha!" moment.

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So, first, another photo of V. with his dark skin basecoat, this one from the back so you can see his tail.


As you can see I have also snipped off the arm with the shield.





He has an undershirt of some sort on, the sleves of which you can see on both of his arms. It seemed that some level of off white was most appropriate, so I mixed up a creamy yellow by combining Splintered Bone and (I think) Yellowed Bone. I didn't worry about not covering the buckles holding the armour plates onto his left arm (or the ones holding the shield onto his right arm) as this will be covered up when I paint them later in some variation of brown





I also decided I really wanted the wolf pelt to end up as a pale silvery-grey. After some thought, I decided to base coat with Vampire Skin (a light pinkish grey), and then I created a lavender-grey wash from 2 drops Vampire Skin + 1 drop Nightmare Blue and three or four drops of water. I really like how it's turning out so far, I just hope that I can really make it pop when I do the highlighting.


post-8855-0-53147300-1379824035.jpg post-8855-0-79098200-1379824036.jpg



So the other thing I painted was the smooth, lower section of his armour that is under the scale mail and has pointed "tails" that hang down by his knees. Unfortunately, I'm not at all happy with how it turned out. You can kind of see the result in the image showing the wolf pelt wash.


What I did was create a different mix of Spattered Crimson and Nightmare Black that used 2 Crimson to 1 Black which switched the proportions from what I used to create his skin base. While I really liked the colour - it's sort of a deep wine red / burgundy - its overall tone is so similar to the skin tone that his tail just sort of disappears into it.


I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it next, but I either have to lighten it up somehow or try something completely different here. I might try adding a touch of Vampire Skin, or Vampire Shadow to the mix to see if that lightens it up without making it "pink".

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What [you're] doing with this guy reminds me of Nightcrawler from the X-Men.


You're totally right! That dark indigo blue is very Nightcrawler-ish, and the fact that he has a tail only adds to the similarity. Of course, Nightcrawler doesn't have horns, but so what, right?

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Time to paint armour!


I decided to stick with the blue tones in V's armour as well as his skin, so the first thing I did was quickly brush a thin coat of Nightmare Black over all of his armour, both the flat pieces and the scale mail visible on his upper arms and below his waist. I treated it almost like a wash, though I didn't actually thin it very much, as I wanted it to be an undercoat that would, hopefully, act like black lining.


(sorry about the poor photo quality. I was working on this at my family's winter cabin and forgot my good camera, thus had to rely on my Windows 7 Phone. After the first one I stopped using my flash because the LED light was washing things out and making the overall colour too "blue". Unfortunately, that does mean the others are grainy and sometimes a little blurred)




Next I created a blend of Saphire Blue, LED Blue and just a touch of Nightmare Black which I put over the "flat" pieces of armour, followed by a second layer of the same with some more LED Blue and a touch of Alien Goo blended in. I lost some of the dark undercoat in a few places, but it essentially worked the way I wanted.




Then I added more LED Blue and some Valejo "Metallic Medium" (a gift from LittleBluberry!) to use as a highlight on the armour and an undercoat on his sword.

(The photos totally don't do the result any justice! The "streakiness" that the metallic shine appears to have on the armour doesn't show to the naked eye and you can barely tell that the sword colour has any metallic element.)



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Next Stage: Sword, Shield & some fiddly-bits


Next up I started working on the sword. I decided to try "glazing" - a technique I've never done exactly the way it's described around here before - but with Valejo Metallic Medium in the mix. Starting from the light blue basecoat I added more and more Nightmare Black to the glaze colour and tried to blend so that the colour of the sword darkened at the sharp edge.


Then I decided to use the Valejo Metallic Medium with no added colour over the base blue on the sword cross-piece. The result is interesting - a bright, shiny metallic, that's basically silver but has a hint of blue underneath.


I suddenly realized that I hadn't dealt with his scale mail yet, so I essentially dry brushed Honed Steel over all of the scale mail and then did a really thin wash of straight up Midnight Black to heighten the shadows even more and add more of a blue tint to the scales.


I created a brown (I forgot to write down the recipe, but I think tanned and/or oiled leather were involved) which I used for the leather straps holding armour onto his left forearm (which, by the way, made me realize that V is left handed! He is so sinister for a paladin... {rim shot}), his belt, his sword hilt wrappings and the little bit of his leggings that can be seen between his greaves and his lower armour. I washed the belt colours with some Walnut Brown and dry brushed Honed Steel on buckles.


After that, I added some Yellow Bone to my brown mix and used the result to paint the underside of the wolf pelt.


Then I decided that the wolf on his back needed to be a little darker so I combined Vampiric Shadow (which I'd originally used as a wash on the pelt) with a touch of Noir Black and washed that on, leaving the back of the ears the original lighter colour. I dabbed a little bit of Fair Skin inside the ears and used pure white on the wolf pelt eyes.




I also finished painting up his shield and shield arm at this time using the same colours as on the sword, only I didn't blend so much as just layer the colours. I used the Valejo Metallic Medium straight up again on the metal rim of the shield, and the same brown as for other leather bits on the inside straps.




(And I now see that there's a small spot of blue on the underside of his elbow. Not sure if I'll try to fix that or not. It will barely be visible once his shield arm is back in place...)


So, that's where I'm at now. I think I know what I want to do for his hair & horns and already have a clear idea about his base, so there's a chance I could finish him up tonight. (Which would be awesome, as he's already 22 days late!)

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Nice to see what's going on with this guy, and I'm glad you found a use for the metallic medium! ^_^


This is reminding me that I've got a WIP that I totally haven't done anything for in a while, which I should really get back to.

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w00t! He's finished!


I did his horns in Spattered Crimson with a touch of Blood Red on the tips. His hair has Spattered Crimson as a base and then it's overlaid with several washes and dry brushings of several colours mixed from two or more of Spattered Crimson, Nightmare Black, Blood Red and Walnut brown.


His base was first covered in pure black, then I painted in the magma lines starting with white, then white+neon yellow, neon yellow, neon yellow+lava orange, lava orange, lava orange+blood red and blood red. Then I used Noir black to straighten up some of the lines around the magma, then added a touch of white for a very dark grey and dry brushed the surface to enhance the texture a bit more.


Now I just need to apply some brush on sealer and then find a small box so I can ship him to my Summer Exchange Partner!







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