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You haven't seen...WHAT?!?


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I may see RUSH in theatre if I can find one not showing it in migrainevision.

I refuse to watch a movie shown on 3-D... If I wanted 3-D, I would go to a play or outdoor performance, you know, REAL 3-D. That, along with the fact that 3-d movies gives me a serious headache that can last for days.....

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[ ... ]

IMO, each of the Python movies was about 15 minutes of brilliance crammed tightly into 90 minutes of film. By the end of any given scene, each of the one – three jokes had been beaten into the dirt, resurrected, killed again, then pounded flat for easy pedestrian access. But many of those jokes were really quite good the first time.

There is something very British about repeating/enjoying the same joke over and over. Python footage is not the only British comedic effort where this happens. The joke told often is funnier still.. or something.


That trademark grinding / wheezing / dying calliope noise† the Tardis insists on making as it materializes, is a bit of a joke isn't it? ...one that has been running for decades.


(A Hyper advanced time travel technology that sounds like some 19th century steam powered contraption that is about to burst?)


The Chameleon circuit is another repeated gag. It could have been repaired many times over, and I seem to remember it getting repaired in the original series. Running gags, gotta love them.


I'm probably the only Eccleston Who fan on the forums. I'm ok with that, too.


Rush looks very good, but I doubt it will make it onto my "I want to see it enough to go to the theater" list.


Eccleston was great. I don't think the Who revival would have been nearly as successful without his presence. He would never top my list of favorite doctors, but that's only because he wasn't there long enough. He was the only nuWho doctor I liked right away, the other two had to grow on me.

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I love Christopher Eccleston's Doctor.


I may be a little outside the pale for disliking Rose Tyler for being an abusive Mary Sue who yanked poor Mickey around for years until she made it clear she was bored with him.


I find over time even the Doctors I didn't like I have warmed to. Colin Baker seems to be a genuinely sweet person, and his Doctor in his later stories is pretty good and likeable, so much so that my youngest was shocked to hear I hated his time as the Doctor ... until my youngest saw Colin Baker's first episode and was horrified at how nastily he was presented. I even warmed to Tom Baker, who I may have disliked simply because he overshadowed Doctors I loved more, like Jon Pertwee and Peter Davison.

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Do you ever make a movie reference and other people have no idea what you're talking about, and it makes you hang your head in shame because they haven't been exposed to such awesomeness?


What are your essentials? My personal favorites...


The Classics:


Army of Darkness

Big Trouble in Little China


Dark City

The Fifth Element

Monty Python

Office Space

The Princess Bride

The Professional

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Total Recall



The Avengers

Batman Begins

Boondock Saints

Bourne (all)

Casino Royale



Galaxy Quest

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

I Am Legend

I Robot




Moulin Rouge!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Pitch Black/Riddick

Shakespeare in Love

Sin City


Sucker Punch



X-Men (all except X3)



Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Ice Age

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Princess Mononoke

Toy Story 2




Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


Iron Monkey



Batman Beyond

Battlestar Galactica

Invader Zim


Once Upon a Time



Whedonverse: (If you like any of these, you must watch the rest of them in roughly this order...)

Buffy/Angel - If the middle seasons are too painful to sit through, just catch enough of the beginnings for character development and then skip to the last episode of Angel season 4 where they erase everybody's memories and enjoy season 5. Some of Whedon's best work, IMO.


Dollhouse (a little slow and not so great as single standalone episodes but the series is pretty amazing in its entirety)

Cabin in the Woods

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Much Ado About Nothing (especially if you're an Angel fan)

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (not Whedon but Alan Tudyk is the main character and hilarious)


More Zombies:

Shaun of the Dead

Warm Bodies (cutest ridiculous love story ever)

World War Z (go into it expecting a prologue, not the book)



I know 10 people are going to add Game of Thrones and Dr. Who. I promise that's on our current to see list! :)


Will you marry me?


I will add your list is missing some core horror movies


hell raiser (any - the latest)

house of a thousand corpses / the devils rejects / the lords of salem.

event horizon.

and so on.

My daughter is going on 19 months and she squeals with joy and claps when someone dies in a horror movie


There are several on that list I have not seen, and that is not about to change. The zombie ones especially. I hate zombies.


Some of my favorites not on your list


Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli: best anime movie studio ever


Kiki's delivery service (was my go to "I'm sick" pick me up movie until I gave my copy away to my God daughters)

Castle in the Sky

Howl's moving castle

My Neighbour Totoro

Princess Mononoke (not as kid friendly as the others, still an epic movie)

Nausicaa of the valley of the winds

Spirited Away


Other Anime

Summer Wars

Last Exile (great story, awesome visuals)

Morobito: Guardian of the spirit (a great series, visually stunning)

Magical girl Lyrical Nanoha, A's, and StrikerS (not the deepest story, but enjoyable)

Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars 1&2



Crouching Tiger, Hiden Dragon

Iron Monkey

Drunken Master

Rurouni Kenshin

Yojimbo & Sanjuro (classic samurai movies, with a good deal of fun)

The Matrix (shame they never made any sequels :;): )


have to give you props for the anime and Kurosawa movies.


Interesting Checklist.


Dr. Who quickly becomes one of those "which version" questions. ('Which Doctor?' is how it is how the Whovians usually phrase it...)


More which version questions:


I Am Legend - Heston or Smith?

BattleStar Galactica - Chrome Cylons or the newer version?

Casino Royale - there are at least two, but I think three?

Total Recall - Schwarzenegger or the newer one?

I'm a fan of the 9th & tenth, and need to watch more of the originals, I strongly dislike the eleventh.

I'm a huge Vincent Price fan and want to Murder anyone involved with the recent remake of I am legend.

new casino royale ftw.

and I liked both recall movies.


There are two Casino Royales, and even though it's technically probably the least good I have to go with the Peter Sellers version.


The Watchmen is on my list.

The Fellowship of the Ring is amazing, but I refuse to acknowledge any of the other horribad butcheries of Tolkien as told by Jackson.

Pretty much any Akira Kurosawa movie (or derivative thereof: Magnificent Seven, Fist Full of Dollars, etc.).

see above, also props for mentioning the spaghetti western/kurosawa tie in.



I'm probably the only Eccleston Who fan on the forums. I'm ok with that, too.


Rush looks very good, but I doubt it will make it onto my "I want to see it enough to go to the theater" list.


Go fish, Eccleston made a great dr btw.

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