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One of the cool things about HG is that its a game about giant robots, but the creators put some effort into thinking about how these weapons would be employed.


As for your question Kamut, just throw in some infantry and call it a task force. As mentioned before, HG is big on combined arms. Even in modern combat you can sometimes see operations involving a couple platoons of infantry and a tank platoon or two, to achieve certain objectives. Same thing works for HG, except it seems in general forces are more capable so probably the combined arms thing goes down to lower levels...



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Lars pretty much hit it on the head. By the book you have to have two basic units for each special unit - elite, recon, heavy weapons etc... but otherwise you can create a task force that is ideally suited to what you are looking for.


For example I am building an Urban combat team. It's going to consist of 2 x Strike Gear Cadres, 1 Fire Support Cadre and 1 Recon Cadre. To support this I will have 1 unit of Naga Striders and 5 Escoudes of infantry - 3 basic, 1 heavy and 1 Special.

I should note I am going with Milicia instead of the Republican Army. The republic army has all the prestige but I like the underdog so am going with the Milicia.

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KAMUT, go to DP9.com and check out the miniature gallery, they have just about every gear (light) in "paratrooper mode" I have a cadre of them now and I painted the gear a bright orange, like safety orange just to stick out on the table and they look realy freakin cool.


papabees, I'm a little rusty but here goes.....


The basics - roll for initiative, alternate activating units, I move and fire one unit you move and fire one unit. Each player has a few command points to spend on things like improving defense rolls or activating a unit out of turn. command points in my opinion add some real depth to the game.


Movement - Each gear has combat speed and top speed. All gears and Striders have secondary modes of movement - essentially they can skate over fairly smooth surfaces.


Ranged combat is my gunnery skill vs. your piloting skill - if I roll higher then you I hit, if you roll higher I miss, like CAV. Obviously these rolls can be modified by terrain and other circumstances. This is essentially the same for melee combat.


Damage is determined by the MOS or margin of success by which you beat your opponents piloting roll. Each weapon has a multiplier - for example x15. If my gunnery roll beats your piloting roll by 2 then I do a damage of 30. You compare your result total to the armor rating of the target and depending on if you equalled it, beat it or beat it alot determines what sort of damage you do, there is light, heavy and overkill. Obviously these states of damage affect your performance.



As for complexity the coolest thing about HG is there is a basic set of rules and a ton of special rules you can play with. Like CAV alot of them are recommended for scenario specific play since HG is more a scenario type game. Once you get used to the system then a game shouldn't take you any longer then a good sized game of CAV. The last game I played with some add on rules, took about 2 and a half hours, with 2 Gear Cadres on a side, a couple of units of infantry and a strider on each side. We were both mostly familiar with the rules but had to do some looking up. the last few turns slid by quickly though since we had got used to the basic rules by then.


All in all if you compare it to CAV for simplicity your going to be disappointed, nothing beats CAV for ease of play in my mind, but HG isn't that much more difficult when it comes to it. I personally just like the feel of HG myself.


papabees or anyone else interested for that matter - check out the dp9 website and they have the demo game there you can look at or download.

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To add to this, without ever having played CAV (the universe doesn't look as interesting) I think HG combat and damage resolution system to be both elegant and realistic. Light weapons will only ever kill an armored opponent on a miracle, while heavy weapons will kill the majority of the time. Also many weapons have an "ROF" (rate of fire) making the distinction between pumping off single shots, or going Rambo with the same weapon. A lot more fun, interesting, and realistic compared to other games that assume you're always rock'n'rolling with the automatic weapons...



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Yeah, one of the things I kept telling the people I demoed with is to "keep moving."

Mobile targets tend to survive a whole lot longer in this game.

When you stop, you suddenly become the cherry shot for the bad guy. ::P:


I dunno... One one hand I can say the game mechanics are realistic. But on the other, either you miss, or you pretty much torch your target. And, there's a LOT of missing going on. Players tend to get discouraged with a game where all they really do is miss, or die.


Another sore spot is the horrible ranges these weapons have. A Medium Autocannon has an extreme range of 24" (however, at that range, you ain't hitting the broadside of a barn). Generally, your weapons are effective at the medium range bands or less, that means around 6". That's pretty pathetic when you think about it and it makes battles on any table larger than 3'x3' a long drawn out game of move-move-move-move-miss-miss-miss-die-die-die-die. For those of us that are used to the racing around, reach-out-and-touch-somebody style of CAV, they'll be real dissapointed with HG... Heck, even Battletech had better ranged weapons generaly available.

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So HG is pretty sweet in urban settings, huh? I like this


One thing I want to get out of, is making comparisons against the CAV system. especially the fluff; I am willing to bet Reaper is well aware of the "problem" and have made an effort to "fix" this "problem", but realistically, its not something thats going to happen overnight.


Me, the fluffmeister am perfectly content with this, besides, I enjoy writing my own.


Now back to HG,


1 Paratrooper unit (5 paratroopers) I would have to buy the models individually, any suggestions?


Strike Cadre X2

Naga (3 striders)


3 tanks

1 Caiman APC



OK, just looking at their characteristics, this seems like a fair blend of equipment, any suggestions?

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hmmm, I may have been doing something wrong BL because I thought the range were a little farther. I seem to remember hitting about 50% of the time roughly 12" away or more. Of course that's still a lot shorter then say CAV but you also have to remember that each hex/inch is like 30-50 meters.

I sort of liked the miss or kill way of damage. It makes the game go faster and for me missing didn't seem to be disproprotionately different from other games I have played. It's a taste thing of course, some people like quick kill games, and some people like hard to kill games. I can take both depending on the rest of the system.


As for paratrooper units, your mostly going to go with Jagers and Iguanas, generally only the lighter Gears drop. I'd say it depends on what role you want to give them. With the way you have things set up now, I would recommend Iguanas. You have two Strike cadres which means you have plenty of offensive capability, now you need Recon and Fire support. The way you have things setup now would indicate a specialist unit since you have no GP cadres. That's not a real problem the way I see it, Strike cadres while more expensive can do the job of a GP if need be. I recommend you turn your paratroopers into a Recon element, go with 3 iguanas and 2 Jagers, or 3 Jagers and 2 Iguanas. The Iguanas are the smallest Gear in the Southern forces but their quick.


Everything else looks good. Your Tanks and Striders will most likely work together. The North tends to go heavy and their Striders are monsterous. They are certainly a unit to be feared on the battlefield.


Funny you should mention Urban combat. I have always felt HG really shines in Urban settings. Everytime I picture a scenario or write one up it's always atleast around a town or canyons. It just seems to be more fun that way.


Also, as BL pointed out, don't plan on playing on a 4x8 table like you can with CAV, We usually setup 4x6 tables but I would say the main action usually is kept within a 4x4 space so you could certainly get away with that as well.



by the way KAMUT - if you haven't yet, don't bother purchasing the Tactical Rules until April. DP9 is moving to a "generic" set of rules. All their games, RPG and tactical are based on their silhouette rules and they are consolidating everything. Essentially they will have a core tactical rule book that will come out and then supplements for each of their tactical games. The supplements taht are out now are ok they will work perfectly with the new stuff so those are ok.

Apparently with the push for the integrated core rules they will be releasing new models and packaging old models so that you can build just about any variant out of the blister. From what I understand all of the extras will be included in each blister so you can build just about any variant mentioned in any of the books. That' sthe nice thing about having units based on the same chassis, a few small modifications, usually in the head and the weapons setup and you have a new machine.


I second Lars suggestion about infantry! A few escoudes always helps and they wil make more of an impact then you might be used to in this sort of game.


Tanks are pretty powerful, ut I wouldn't lose the Nagas, I would rather keep the three Nagas and knock my tanks down to 1 or 2. Striders are just way too much fun in my opinion.

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OK, I guess I got to get a feel for this.


I can see my paratroopers serving as recon.


Overwhelming firepower, hehehe

just happens to by my way of things, I just like to distribute it evenly among all of my troops so I can stay in the mix longer. not have to rely on anything specific to build my strategy around.


The Nagas, is there any way to make them the heavy support?

I can double up the infantry to provide better support for my armor, that would work for me. Only thing is, I like my armor units with 4 tanks, so unless thats not allowed, I'll do that.


I saw the Northern Mammoth and shuddered.


Now for a name for this unit

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With the Strike cadres you will have that firepower. Fire Support Cadres wil outgun you but they cost and are as usual, slow.


It's typically 3 tanks to an armored Cadre but I can't see any reason why you couldn't do 4. The Milicia is much like the National Guard, they get all the hand me downs and so have to remain flexible in their deployment and tactics. This however has proven to be their strength since most milicia units are used to being adaptable to the situation, another reason I like them so much.


You can go with Long Fang Nagas, I'd say 2 with a regular Naga in Tow. I can't remember offhand if the Long fang has indirect fire capabilities or not. I know thw normal Naga sort of fills an antivehicle role and it's main weapons tend to be over kill for Gears. In general either model is going to be "heavy support" They are crunchier then their Mammoth counterparts but you get them for cheaper which can make a difference. My theory is the more dice I can roll vs my enemy the better. Just don't make the mistake of thinking one of you nagas can go head to head with a Mammoth or you wil be spanked very hard.



As for names, the unwritten standard is that in the south they like Reptiles part of how they earned the nickname "snakes". All of their equipment are typically named after reptilian critters, real or mytholigical. The north goes with mammals for the most part. Some example names would be "Silver Vipers" and "Sky Sharks" both southern units.

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apparently the Mecha are deployed in teams or "cadre" of 5 units; correct?

OK, this opens the door for another train of thought, assuming then a Gear functions more like a grunt in respects to a strider. If so, this is cool. fire team wedge, here I come!


For paratroopers, one Jager (as a command or point) and 4 iguanas. they'll also serve as Recon or shock troopers.


both Strike Cadres could work as a heavy offensive squad, with the striders covering their movements. 2 Long fang, one regular Naga.


the Armor/ infantry taskforce could almost work independant of the rest of the unit, but in a serious scrap, they'll reinforce the striders. If they seem to come up short, I'll add some more "escoudes" (i think thats right)


I'm going to go old school with this and calling them "Serpentine Fire".

cool points to anybody who can guess where that comes from?

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now you're gettin it! You have to think of the Gears as really heavy infantry. They aren't like in some games where the mecha domniate the game, they have to be fully integrated with everything else to be effective. Looking at pictures of them makes you think of a well armored infantry man and that is basically how they are used.

A "Cadre" is the Souths smallest Gear organization, its effectively a 5 Gear squad. Vehicles and Striders are generally organized in 3's.


both Strike Cadres could work as a heavy offensive squad


That's exactly what they are. Supporting them with Nagas is probably a good idea. I look generally at Strike Cadres as the basic unit. The GP are sort of filler.


Probably also a good idea to support the tanks with the infantry although don't underestimate your infantry as a stand off force if necessary. They can hold their own in a pinch.


Isn't Serpentine Fire a song?


a note on language. DP9 is a Canadian company and so they use some french. The South in HG tend to use French terminology hence cadre and escoude. "Cadre" and Escoude" are the same level of organization, but escoudes are squads of infantry - 10 man, while Cadres are Gear Squads. Rank are all in French for the most part.

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