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In case you haven't seen this....


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OK, yeah.


I like this alot. now I have a list already assembled and it shouldn't break my pockets too bad. My wife isn't interested, but maybe if she saw the models, I could convince her to pick up a little something something.


I assumed GP stood for general purpose so I figured the Strike Cadre would probably be the next "tier" up. Once the models actually come in, I'll get some sit down time with them and get a better feel of how they would operate.


Maybe then I could weigh in on the infantry a little better then. I figure if I have mechanized infantry protecting the armor, then maybe a platoon of infantry later on could be added. just want to cover the basics at this stage.


20 COOL POINTS. Serpentine Fire is an old "Earth, Wind and Fire" jam from back in the day. now for unit colors, I would like urban combat grey, black and white camo. that would be pretty slick.

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I really have to start playing more Heavy Gear. I love the Background, I love the models, and I love the system. The only problem around here is finding opponents. I have a pretty sizable selection of Northern Guard, and some Southern MILICIA and CEF stuff just to fool around with. I also have more to paint, but none of that is getting done until After I finish my Chaos Space Marines for a local tournament.



Because I can, here's a link to some older pics (in that there aren't any of my new models there) of my Heavy Gear Stuff. This even got me a link from the DP9 homepage for a while about a year ago.


Heavy Gear Gallery.

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Well Erion.

you being an hour away, I'll be your Heavy Gear opponent, but we still got to get together for a CAV throwdown sometime. I ran out of local competition a while ago, bro, and would like to get into a few more Warmaster competitions myself. I get your newsletter, still waiting.....

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Hey Kamut, your place or mine?


There isn't much going on at The Adventurer's Guild outside of GW-related stuff and CCG's (as you have most likely seen), and I've long-since ceased trying to drum up widespread interest in any Giant Robot themed game. Even Warmachine has slowed to a trickle. This is not to say that the games are dead. There are just very few people still playing them.

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that's exactly the problem here, aside from a few family members as regulars, drumming up support is tough. Well, in Lancaster thats the case for sure, Comic Store York on the other hand, got some serious Warhammer going on. It would be fun to do some kind of regional tournie, but I'm not really into Warhammer.


I think I know a few Warhammer players in Lancaster too, tried to get them in CAV, but they are not interested. I kind of feel bad for Joe cause he has one of those Aurora dropships for Poke Mech, and cant move it.


CAV at this point, is just played at my house, where its convenient for everybody I know will play on the sort of regular. Otherwise the Comic Store in Lancaster is either cards or clicks. not my thing.


I did polish up a Battletech collection for sentimental value, I got some stuff I've been meaning to send off too, but I keep procrastinating.


I think Comic Store York would be a good halfway point for the both of us, I figure if people see these games being played on the norm, it might spark some interest. I'll check in with the guys next time I get there, and we can do a few demos together if your interested. I'm not in BL anymore, but it doesn't mean I can't help you out.

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Erion, are those the larger RAFM or the newer stuff? I like the paint jobs. I've gone with some standard southern paint jobs, mostly badlands stuff and I will probably go with some desert pattern breaker for my Northern units. Nice King Cobra Erion, I had one but can't seem to find it so may have to get another!



The Strike Cadre is indeed the next step up from the General Purpose cadre. Usually a Strike Cadre is a combination of Black Mambas (my favorite) and Jagers. Some Strike Cadres will come with a Cobra variant of some sort but they are more rare since Cobras are held for Fire Support and the rare command unit.



I'v ebeen weighing the idea of mechanized infantry and the more I tihnk about it the better it sounds. I think I will go with Caiman APC for all my infantry just so I have the option. They also have jump infantry sort of but I can't remember how they perform.




As far as getting people to play guys, I recommend building up two opposing forces and running demo type events at your local game store. There are tons of people who will pour out of the woodwork when you break the game out. Since I joined the Pod Corps and started talking to people about playing, tons of people have come out to say they want to play. I think its one of those games that is well liked but hasn't had much support.


KAMUT, I think you'll get a kick out of the game and the fluff. I'm really enjoying the fact that they really detail everything. If you don't want to follow "floor plans" you can always make a rover gang and come up with something totally new. For me painting my minis oficial like ven down to the proper markings is a kick.

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heh, heh, heh

hey man, you know how Lone Wolf Company kind of "breaks the mold" in CAV organization, would you expect anything less in HG? As if Clan Lone Wolf and the Minnisota Tribe/House Al Rashaad Biomechs wasn't bad enough :poke:.......


Anyway, the wheels are turning, but I have to peruse through whats available now. I'll figure out something thats a little off the rocker.

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If I don't mind mangaesque




wait a bit




Ok, Ok

i can't breath,



Ok, ready man

Maybe I am not in as deep as Jeneki, but I can't get enough of the stuff.


Alltime favorite series

Star Blazers (Space Cruiser Yamato)

Battle of the Planets


and Voltron


current running favorite

Doomed Megalopolis

Samuari X

Full Metal Panic


I can never get enough mecha, man! I learned how to sketch, and devolop a story from watching Anime.



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Pardon me while I Hijack this thread. ::P:


If you're interested, I did a quick and dirty HG Conversion to CAV. I posted it to the old CAVHQ Yahoo group a long time ago.





Here's my 'best guess' as to what a Heavy Gear would

be like in the CAV universe. I extrapolated these

numbers from the new JoR design rules and from my

knowledge of Heavy Gear and the Hunter (what it can

do, what it was designed to do).

Here are the stats and I'll explain how I came up with

these numbers as best I can.


HACS-01MG-MP Hunter

General Purpose Heavy Gear

CAV (Gear) Hard Target

2 Damage Tracks

91 Points

MM 20 / 18 / 7 4pwr (Cost 23pts)

RP - / 3 / 4

ACA +3 / +1 / -1 (Cost 1pt)

DCA +5 / +4 / +3 (Cost 2pts)

ARM +2 / +1 / 0 (Cost 6pts)

PWR 10 / 8 / 5 (Cost 12pts)

TL +2 / +1 / +1 (Cost 6pts)

ECM +3 / +2 / 0 (Cost 5pts)

Weapon Type

Riley M222 Light AutoCannon

Range- 24 AoE- - PWR- 4 (Cost 17pts)

+2/+4 | +2/+3 | +1/+1

RP-109 Pepperbox Rocket Pod

Range- 18 AoE- - PWR- 1 (Cost 19pts)

+3/+1 | +3/+1 | +3/+1


A Gear is really nothing more than a 1-man Infantry

Fighting vehicle. Thus, by design, it will have the

best aspects of an armored vehicle (Armor and

Weapons), and the best aspects of an Infantry Soldier

(versatility and Close Assault skills).


To greater emulate the Gear's Infantry Fighting style,

I shifted points from the ECM stat and added them to

the Gear's ACA stat (boosting it from a +2/0/-1 to

what you see above).


I believe that what we see above is as close a

representation of a Heavy Gear in CAV as possible.



There was a problem with the Repair ability of the Gear. But I liken that to the pilots ability to reroute to secondary systems as opposed to nanobots fixing the combat damage.


Just something for fun...

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Hey guys,


I live in the Lehigh Valley PA, which is around 1.5 hours from Harrisburg (used to switch busses there when going to school at Penn State). SInce I have no opponents (too) I have nothing painted (the NG camo scheme is pretty daunting at this scale!) , but perhaps someday we could get together for a large scale HG biffo!



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