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The basic Iguana ("Iggy") ist the actual standard light scout/trooper Gear of the AST. The Black Box Iguana and the Chatterbox are variants, praised for their combination of ECM/ECCM (both) and (Chatterbox only) a satellite uplink and upgraded sensor and com gear.


The Basilisk is an older recon Gear of the AST, which has also spawned some very interesting variants. Notably the Silverscale (mild ECM, improved sensors and coms), the Elint Silverscale (concentrates on the scouting role of the Gear with better sensors and coms) and the Jammer Silverscale (again, ECM/ECCM). Of interest.

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ok, got some more details KAMUT. The Blackbox is a cheaper version of the Chatterbox, the difference being the Blackbox Iguana does not include the upgraded communications package, just the ECCM gear.


I am trying to decide if I want to go with a Longwalk Jager or the Spotter version of the Jager for my second Gear in my sniper team. The Long walk includes ECM gear but also includes improved long range communications gear, something the stealth gears don't have.



By the way KAMUT, You may look into building your unit as a Legion Noire unit. Their sort of the special forces of the Milicia and get a lot of respect from everyone else. You still wouldn't get anymore Stealth gears really, they mention they're rare even in the Legion but it sounds more like what you are looking for.

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Thanks for the explaination Faraday and Red.

Obviously there are more chassis than the mini's gallery for DP9 is showing, and lots of variants of them too.


Could someone provide a quick reference of these variant terminolog.




Black box = ECCM

Chatterbox longe range commo

Snake Eye



ETC,ETC (I know these aren't right but something like this would give me a clearer picture of things.)


Red - Check OOC and SOC threads.

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ok, some of the ones I can come up with


Blackbox - cheaper ECM/ECCM package

Chatterbox - Standard ECM/ECCM and long range communications package

Spitting - longe range fire support

Striking - long range, heavy

Commando - lighter, para equipped


Those are the only ones I can think of off hand that are in common usage. There are many different variants and not all of them are standard variants for each chassis, although you will find rough equivalents of each in most chassis. There are quite a few one-shot names, "Snake Eye" I think might be one of those since I can't think of another Snake Eye variant amongst the chassis types.

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Long Fang - medium range fire support

MP - pretty self-explanatory


But that's already as far as common names for a certain type of variant go.


HG makes (unlike CBT and CAV) up in variants what's lacking in sheer number of available chassis. Makes sense - after all, logistics can be a real pain in your behind.

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DP9 products are a little tough to come by, I have to wait another week for my strike cadre. so I added a few things to my order.


a second Strike cadre

some weapon packs and decals.


Ultimately, this would be a specialty unit, but I do want to stay within the Southern Milicia scope of things. (just with a funky name)


I'm wondering if I did decide to upgrade the strike Cadre, what are some reasonable variations from the basic kit?

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Look who your talking to about logisitics, hehehe.


I'm pretty comfortable with the HG layout.


I dont mind CBT and CAV on this issue though. I got lots of variants already for several mecha.



CBT(or ratherthe PC games) -the Kamut Commando (Summoner/Thor)

sort of a "Blitz Thor"


CBT(or ratherthe PC games) -the Kamut Commando2 (Awesome)

My assault Blitz mech

CBT(or ratherthe PC games) -unamed(Uziel)

My medium Blitz mech


CBT(or ratherthe PC games) -unnamed (Cougar)

My Light Blitz mech


CBT(or ratherthe PC games) -The Terror Cat (Timberwolf/Mad Cat)

A heavy fire support Mad Cat


CBT(or ratherthe PC games) - The Hell Cat (Timberwolf/Mad Cat)

sort of a Blitz Mad Cat



CAV UTDF Samurai (Regent)

great for taking out dropships, Fast as HELL and tougher than most people think.


CAV UTDF Redhawk (Starhawk V)

Created when I started making cost comparisons against the newer Starhawk, Fast as HELL, my basic workhorse


CAV UTDF Light Striker Panther (Panther)

A lot of times we'll slap o F-200s take away the CLP or ECCM for better punch. don't use as much anymore. upgrade the breeder.


CAV UTDF Smoker Puma (Puma)

This is one we like to replace or Panthers with a double flamer, CLP or ECCM platform but you have to upgrade the breeder with something from KW.

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@ Kamut: Sorry. ^^;


A southern Strike Cadre? Hm...2x Black Mambas, 2 Jäger, 1 Blitz Jäger...


-Black Mamba: Long Fang, Blazing, Barbed Fang, Brawler

-Jäger: Force Recon, Long Bow Blitz, Long Bow


Some of the variants mentioned above are quite rare, though.

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mmmmm, Long Bow Blitz........



one thing about some of the variants, with any communications or ECM/ECCM suite, your probably going to have to do those by hand. DP9 has most weapons available and most variations are easy to do but they do not do communications pieces. Probably too fragile.


The Legion Noire is still under the control of the Southern Milicia. They essentially weren't expected to be as good as they are but it turns out their pretty bad a$$.

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Oh, hey we're cool Faraday; that was actually meant as a gag





I'll only note the differences from the base chassis, ok?


Long Fang: slower, no APGLs, exchanges the LRP/32 for 2x MRP/36. Rocket boat for medium range fire support, well liked and used by commando/strike teams.

Blazing: drops the MAC and LRP/32, slower, exposed systems. Carries a HGLC as armament. Assault and tank-hunting unit.

Barbed Fang: not airdroppable, no LRP/32, slower and downgrades fire control - but packs a HRP/48. Field refit of the War of the Alliance, when larger fire support units were hard to come by.

Brawler: no MAC, no LRP, slower. Armament consists of a HGL and a VLRP/32. A nightmare in the confines of a city or for soft targets.


Force Recon: less armor, faster, exposed systems, carries a small hover scout drone, armament is a LPLC. A scout with a mean punch, rare.

Long Bow Blitz: carries a HAC, a ATM and an LFM with a sniper system, improved fire control. Assault design, pretty costly and rare.

Long Bow: Carries a MRF with a sniper system, APM, exposed systems, improved fire control. Mass-produced sniper Gear, but still rare.



As for the guidelines, afair they were first printed in the Technical Manual, but I could be wrong. There also used to be a little design program in the dp9 funhouse.


Nowadays, I'll use stock chassis or modify some variants according to the point values for the different equipment found in the vehicle compendiums and the rule book.

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It sounds like the plan for Heavy Gear when the new core rules come out in April is to release some new basic Gears, with extra equipment to make variants and more wepoans and equipment packs to be able to make variants as well.


On a side note wth the new scale, the "Epic" Scale, a Vortex class Landship is going to be about 8 cm long at 1/3500 scale.

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Two Strike Cadre already with the WA colours. Took a little time with them, but jeez, they look good.


With a few weapons packs, I ended up doubling the missile racks on my Jagers and Black Mambas, well why not? though not sure of the game effect; I left the Blitz Jagers as is, though. The Black Mambas have two different missile rack types.


next on the menu is my 2 Caiman APCs and escoudes of infantry. got plenty of missile racks left over to upgrade them.


once I'm set with how I want the paratroopers to function, I'll start picking them up too.


1 paratrooper Jager

2 paratrooper iguana




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