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I need directions to the Guild from Harrisburg Mall so I can pay you a visit sometime next week. Or, If your interested, we can meet tonight at the Comic Store in York, and you could teach HG for me if we have a table available.


I have two Strike cadre, doubled the missile racks on the shoulders, though I think for the Black Mambas I ended up using Northern Milicia missile racks. I'll need some help coming up with data cards for them.


these guys can be pretty basic statwise. I need to get a feel for the game.



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1. I certainly can't make it to York tonight. What time next week?


2. Datacards are Here. If you need customized stuff (which it sounds like you do), check out Under Construction towards the bottom of This Page.


3. Which mall? I can certainly get you to the Guild but "Harrisburg Mall" could mean up to 6 different places, especially if you don't spend too much time in the immediate area.


4. Bring CAV, too. Depending on how much time we have to play I certainly would not mind a game of that, as well.

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Theres a mall right next to Tecport road, I get off 283 going on 441 Swatara, hit Eisenhower and pass a mall from the back. If its any easier, my classes are in the Trane building every monday.


I could swing something this weekend, possibly saturday. that'll give us a little more time. So if that works, I'll be coming down 283.


What are you looking at for points in CAV? Or we could go easy and just make it a Warmaster, 1750 points?


your call.

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Saturday works much better for me (I can actually plan to be there for most of the day if I know far enough in advance.)


Take 283 to Eisenhower Blvd. Stay on Eisenhower until you reach the Derry Street Exit (on the right). Turn Left onto Derry Street and go straight until you see the Subway restaraunt on the left. The Adventurer's Guild is in the same building as Subway. The entrance is on the right hand side of the building in the rear.

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Hey Kamut, I just found out that this weekend is going to be bad news for Tabletop Gaming at the adventurer's guild. They have a 2-day LAN party scheduled and almost all of the tabletop space is going to be taken up by people who brought their PC's in to play.


Maybe we can schedule for next weekend?

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Yeah OK, I'm not sure of my schedule this week so I'll figure something.

I have no clue of how the game system works so I can't use that construction generator, so I'll have no data cards reflecting what the models look like.


I even drew up the entire Serpentine Fire TO&E, but forgot to bring the disk in with me. I think its expeditionary elements are in the neighborhood of 160 enlisted, 20-30 Officers.


Equipment is about

37 Walkers, I have 10 so far

6 Striders

2 Visigoth (a Blitz and a Khan)

9-10 Huns (Recon, Hittites, Ballista, Ostrogoths)

2 APCs

40 Infantry

1 Evil Eye

2 Jack Rabbits


8 Barnabies

1 Mother Barnaby

1 Nightengale MDU

1 NBC Nightingale MDV


2 Dropships(?)



and of course the landship

SRS Serpentine Fire (and fighter compliment)

more enlisted and officers there but nothing effecting in game.


the unit itself is the 1/67th Southern Republican Guard "Serpentine Fire"

we adopted the standard Army rank structure and my highest officer is a Brigadier General. highest NCO is a Command Sergeant Major


1/67th functions as a specialized assault unit, primarily as a MOUT force. the expeditionary force is divided into 4 companies.


the first is an Airborne Assault troop, mostly paratrooper infantry (2 Escoudes) and a Cadre of paratrooper Gears. 1 Jager Para, 2 Iguana Para, and 2 Snake Eye Black Mamba Para. they have their own attached air transports.


the next 2 companies are Gear assault units


per company

3 Strike Cadre, the company commander of course in a Snake Eye Blitz Jager


and one Strider element

1 Naga (company XO)

2 Long Fang Naga


Of course, 4 Barnabies can be deployed for extended operations


Lastly is the Armor Assault company


first platoon


Blitz Visigoth

Visigoth Kahn

Evil Eye


Second Platoon

Recon Hun

2 Hun MBT

1 Ballista


Third Platoon

Recon Hun

2 Hittite

1 Ostrogoth


last is the Mechanized INF Platoon

2 Caiman APC

2 Escoudes of INF

2 Jack Rabbits


support is

1 Mother Barnaby

1 Nightingale MDU

1 NBC Nightingale MDV


The Battalion Commander travels around in a King Cobra

Battalion XO in a Spitting Cobra

Battalion First Sergeant (a little different than real army) Brawler Black Mamba.


that'll be it for HG

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