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Ral Partha Fire Elemental (comments/suggestions eagerly welcomed)

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What's this? Shadowraven attempting to do a WIP? Why yes,that is exactly what it is. Let's see if I remember to take pictures as I go.


So awhile ago, my favorite though saddly not so local game store had a box of old Partha minis on for half off. Of course I picked up a few. This guy was the first I decided to paint.




Primed white, seemed like the way to start. I have however decided, in the future, I will use a spray primer on guys with as many nooks and crannies as this. Picture showed spots I missed, I think I got it all now, but if I find a missed spot as I go,I will not be surprised.




and the first layer of what I am certain will be many. Sun yellow mixed 50/50 with pure white, and thinned with equal parts water to paint. It is odd, going from white down into colour rather than highlighting up to white.


I am going to try and bring it up through to fire orange, but I am wanting to make him look extremely hot, and bright, which is different from the few other fire effects I have ever tried, which were more of an orange/red/black. For those in the know, is there anything I should do to make him seem to glow from within?

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I'm pretty intimidated by painting fire (though the kickstarter minis will cure me of that I think) and I only ever painted fire once before. If you wanted it to look glowing from within my guess is you would need some very dark contrast on the tips of the fire. Like this lava base.




How to Article: http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/1302-hot-lava-bases

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well, here's today's bit of work on this guy. He's coming together faster than I expected, with only about 45 minutes at the absolute most in on him today.


First up was pure sun yellow,thinned again 50/50 with water.



from there I added a drop of fire orange, and went over the tips



lastly we went with pure fire orange on the tips, and a dark grey for the eyes and mouth



Now, as far as colour goes, I'm mostly happy, but he seems a tad flat. I'm not sure what I shoulddo here,to try and make him seem as if he is giving off light and heat. Any suggestions?

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On to THE BASE ~dun dun dunnnn~


the base material here is air dry clay (crayola, comes in a tub, and it lasts a long time) shaped using a Woodland Scenics rock mold, glued with elmers school glue. And Woodland Scenics 'realistic water'



Dry fit.



rock glued in place



and the currently very blue 'lava'


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well, I got the base mostly done. I am not sure if I am going to finish this one off tonight or tomorrow (probably tomorrow)


first up. Base coated in lemon yellow



drybrushed heavily with fire orange (I am loving that colour)




and a bit of blackened brown. I'm not happy with this, so I think I shall go for a darker black



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Looking really good so far! Yeah I agree go with the black instead of the brown, it'll probably look a little better.


EDIT: Actually I was looking at your base again and realized that you might want to reverse your colors here if the fire elemental is the heat source. That'd make the parts of the base closest to it the lightest colors and the parts towards the outside of the base be the darker colors like your reds and blacks. Does that make sense or is lava or another heat source going to be emanating from a different part of the base?

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