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Some More of My Red Box Miniatures


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I've been working on the miniatures I received from the recent Red Box kickstarter. I really do love these minis and I think that I really leveled up in painting with these ones. I also started to experiment with water effects. The lighting isn't as good as I would like - so I'll need to work on my set up, but I just really wanted to share these.


First up is the Bolverk the Bold miniature, I painted him up to look like the Barbarian Class from Diablo II and III




Like with all Tre's miniatures, the tiny details on this were absurd but also a joy to paint.



I had a lot of fun with the fur




And I adore the He-Man style belt he's rocking




Next up is this Elf Ranger type that I painted up in the vein of the Elf class from the Dungeons and Dragons Arcade Game




I had a devil of the time with the legs and it shows, but I think otherwise it came out really well








Then there's this gnarly Orc or possibly Half Orc Wizard called Gregor the Crooked that I absolutely adore.


This guy just radiates evil.



Looking back I wish I had done more to differentiate staff and skin, but thems the breaks.





I can only imagine what sort of foul magicks are locked away in the grimore of his.



Last is this Viking Warrior





I had a lot of fun with this one, both painting and basing.





After taking this photo I realized there was an easy spot on the cloak to fix, so I did that - but only after I had put away all my photo stuff so forever will that shame be remembered in this photo




It's really great to bring these miniatures to life - they're just so full of character





Thanks for looking, I still have some more to paint and post (including a bunch of the wraith knights, and the orcs when they arrive in the post!)

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