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So a while ago in my Bones painting at work WIP, I was painting this guy:



(no, he's not finished yet. I took him home when I went on vacation, and he's still sitting on the shelf, right over there, waiting for me to take him back in and finish him...I think he's starting to get annoyed about it too.)


Anyway, I mentioned the BLA (Bovine Liberation Army) from a long ago D&D game I'd run. This brought up the song "Cows with Guns", which somehow I'd never heard. Well, ever since then I've had an idea brewing in my head, and with my most recent Reaper order arriving, I was able to start working on it.


I waited a bit to post about it. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do the sculpting, as it is pretty much completely new to me. But it turns out that Bones are so easy and fun to hack apart and play with, I'm having a blast, and the sculpting doesn't seem "too bad".

I did take pictures along the way, to document the process.


So in the beginning, there was a minotaur fig. He look kind of like the one up above there, but without the colours. Then I started in with the exacto.



The first thing I needed to see was if I could give him a pair of pants. I'm going for a modern (perhaps slightly futuristic) version of the BLA, so I want him wearing some camo pants. So I hacked all the armor off his left leg to avoid making it too bumpy or thick, and applied some Grey Stuff.



This turned out ok I think, although I really wanted one of those rubber tipped shaper things all the Cool sculpters are using.

Picked up one of those yesterday and did the rest of the pants today.


The tail was getting in the way too much so it had to be removed for now.


I'm trying to decide if he needs a tank top next, or if he's going bare chested. Thoughts?



So as I had so Grey Stuff left over, I started playing around with basing ideas. Looking at the pose, I thought he'd look cool with his left foot up on something. As I keep my Bones in drawers very close to my desk, it didn't take long to find something appropriate for a revolutionary bovine to be trodding upon...The Man




If you are wondering where the officer got that fine pistol from, it was from this "innocent" bystander:



And finally. here's a shot of all the bits.



Put those together and you get an idea where I'm going with this...




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The clay shaper made it so much easier to smooth and (shockingly) shape it. The one I got only has a couple of tips (all they had a Michael's) so I'll likely order some others eventually.


Ummm, military style vest... you just exceeded my sculpting skills by a factor of many.....although it would look pretty cool... hrmmmmmmm

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally found a bit of time to work on this.


Ended up going with (what will hopefully eventually look like) a military type vest.




Pouches and such will get added on later. That should make the front look less like an Oktoberfest costume....

I have no idea how to do buckles or anything like that, so I just tried to mark out the attachment points for the various pieces to give it a little detail.


My biggest problem right now is I come up with new ideas for him faster than I can work on him.

Really want to get a push on him get him done soon as my Gnomes should be here any time, which means starting work on Wyrmgear...


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Since The Inner Geek's suggestion was full of win, I'm now muddling through pockets....




They don't look to bad as long as I don't look at the belt pouch thingy on his right hip.


I started on the vest, but then the pocket popped off and ended up on the floor. That's when I decided I'd done enough for tonight.



So, what does everyone else do with their extra putty at the end of a session? I always have some extra, and I never remember that I could pop it in the freezer.

I've been sticking it on square 25mm bases and then texturing them with a HA chipped stone floor tile.


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Did a few more bits last night. Sorry about the pics, I wasn't at my usual desk, so the lighting is crap.



First pouch on his chest. Pretty happy with how this turned out. So I didn't do any more of them last night so I didn't accidentally squish it.

It has to be offset a bit so that his massive head will fit :)



Leg sheath. I'll add another strap up higher.



This is the start of trying to convert the sack on his belt to a grenade. Not really sure how to sculpt the lever and such, but I'll give it a shot. If that fails this will become a canteen :)


I also started on the weapon and forearm, but only to the point of putting a pin in the gun, so no pics yet. I know mostly what I want to do with it. The big decision I haven't made yet is if I want the gun pointed more or less straight forward, as if he is firing, or if I want it up and angled a bit, as if he's carrying it at the ready. Once I get the gun attached to the hand/forearm I may need to mock both up.


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Got a bit more done last night.




Did a second pouch on the right side. The biggest problem I have with doing these is the size. I cut of (what I think is) a tiny piece of putty, and end up trimming it a couple more times to get it down to size.

I also have to keep putting the head on to make sure they don't interfere, and then get the head back off without knocking the putty off or mushing it.




Did some work on the weapons. Gun has the pins glued in, but they are just stuck in the arm at this point. I'm thinking of making it look like the gauntlet is attached to the gun, then have struts going back to the arm band thing just above the elbow (once I figure out the angle) to make it look a little more "near future". Even a Minotaur might need some mechanical enhancement to fire off a minigun one handed....


The knife is being converted to look more rambo-esque. I managed to run a piece of piano wire down the middle of the blade (that was fun.... :wacko: ) to support the putty. I'll need to shave it down a bit and finish shaping it once it is good and dry. Time to see how the Grey Stuff is to carve and sand.




Put the second strap on. I'm happier with it than I was with the first one, although I rushed the attachment points bit so it will need some cleanup work (my wife was waiting to watch a show...).


So, I'm thinking 2 more sessions should take care of the vest. Hopefully I can take care of the majority of the weapons in the same time frame and be ready for test assembly to figure out the final arm placement.


Oh, still need to figure out the grenade/canteen too. Can't forget that.


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He's looking incredible so far! Kudos to you for jumping right into something you were nervous about, and this is quite an extensive conversion! Keep up the good work, the pockets look pretty good, and I'm totally digging the leg sheath, very cool! :D



--OneBoot :D

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Thanks OneBoot. It's one of the things I love about Bonesium. I don't think I'd have attempted this with the metal version; the cutting and filing would have taken a lot of time. With Bonesium you just pull out the exacto and start hacking!


Did some more last night but didn't think to take pictures before putting it up to dry. I'll try to remember to snap a few pics before I start my next session.

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So I'll start with the pics of the work from last night:




Did the third pouch. This one I had to be really careful of the left shoulder and the neck, so it really limited what I could fit.




Started shaping the blade and turned the right arm bracer into the a sort of sleeve attachment point for the gun.



Then on to today.




The last pouch. I think the four look pretty ok.




Decided to put a thin layer over the whole blade. Touched up a few connection points on the gun arm.




And this is what I came up with for the lever for the grenade. The wire will be cut (not sure if you can see the mark on the wire I made with the cutters) and the disc on top will be glued to the top. See how that looks tomorrow. No way I'm trying to put a pin on there.


So next, I need to do some work on the blade, and finish up the grenade and put the tail on. then I can start test fitting everything so I can try to figure out the best position for the gun. Might get some mock ups of that done tomorrow. Getting close now.




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Did some more on him last night.



It's a little tough to see (this is the best of the 4 pics I took) but I put the lever on the grenade. I think it will work out. Just need to add a little putty to shape it to the cap next session.


I really wasn't happy with the knife. The Grey Stuff seems to stick well to Bones in general, but not so much in thin sheets to the thin flexible blade. So when I tried to shave it down, the putty wanted to pull away in sheets.

What to do? When I'm thinking, I tend to stare off at nothing in particular. Well, in the background were the three colossal skeletons I'm getting ready to paint. And that off hand weapon looks about right...




But what to replace that with for the skelie? I didn't think I had anything the right size but I went and grabbed my bits bin and took a look and found this:




So if you take one thing out of this WIP, it should be this: Never throw out any bits! This blade is from a GW Chaos Minotaur (weird coincidence, eh?) that I removed the weapon from when I was converting it for my Blood Bowl team, sometime in the late 90's...


I quickly lopped off my attempted conversion blade, cut the new one off the skelie and pinned it in to the minotaur (I also pinned the metal one on the skelie but that will show up wherever I WIP those). I didn't remember to take any pics of the surgery but you can see the new blade in the test fitting pics that follow.


The major thing left to figure out is the position of the gun.




Here he is stuck together, with a pin holding the gun arm more or less in place.

There are two positions (or somewhere in between them) where I think it can work without cutting of the upper arm and getting into some sculpting I'm not sure I can do, like redoing his shoulder.



We've got the gun more or less forward. I'm holding him at a slight angle because his forward foot will be elevated on the base, btw.



Or the gun down.


I could also rotate to out to his right some.


So, thoughts? I'm undecided.


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