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Yarr! It Be talk like a pirate day.

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I be a pirate!
And so be ye.
So let's all drink rum
and shove off ta sea.

Ye be the captain
and I be first mate
We both be drunken pirates
on this pirate speak'n date

Follow'n the map
X shows us tha way
To booty and plunder
On Talk Like a Pirate Day!


How can there not be a talk like a pirate day thread here?

Perhaps it should be Paint (like) a Pirate day.

Perhaps we should all try and paint a pirate today? Yarr. I be thinkin I'll try.

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Avast! Ye beat me to it, ye scurvy dog! ^_^


Since this be Talk Like a Pirate Day, I be wantin' to share a little video what be helpful:



I be off now ta sling some paint! Yarr.



--OneBoot :D

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Aye, mateys! Break out the hornpipes, drink yer rum, and let us all be 3 sheets to the wind!


*This post brought to you by the letter ARRRR and the society for the prevention of scurvey.

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Damn. I always forget TLAPD. Theres often no mention of it anywhere online until the US wakes up... but by then its the 20th here and Ive missed it.


I be a sad time travlin' pirate. Yar... yar...

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First, I wore my pi-rate math shirt to work today, then I spoke like a pirate for the end of each of my class periods today, then I came home and spoke like a pirate all night to my three year old. I just finished reading a few pirate bedtime stories and now am working on painting a pirate. I say today was a good day


...er, I mean



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    • By Dan S
      I recently finished playing Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and felt the urge to paint something piratey.  There is a lot of room for improvement, and I regret my colour scheme (It is lacking a bit of contrast) but I still enjoyed painting this one, I even felt adventurous enough to attempt some weathering on the sword which didn't turn out as horrible as I anticipated.  Overall a good learning exercise.
      Miniature:  Captain Razig
      Maker: Reaper Minatures
      SKU: 02437

    • By Brianuk
      Have painted up this motley crew to add to the pirate skirmish collection I seem to be building. 
      The Dwarf is from the Pirates of the Dread Sea kickstarter, from a micro company in the UK. 
      The big orc is an ogryn from Privateer Press. 
      The chap with a musket has been painted as a half orc, he is a Reaper mini from the Warlord line. 

    • By Brianuk
      Have finished off these skeleton pirates. They are all Reaper minis from the Razig faction in the Warlord line. 
      Really enjoyed painting these. I worked up from a cream paint spray and a sepia wash. Lots of brighter but desaturated colours for the cloth and lots of rust and brass tones for the metal. The bases are resin, from a company called MVP. I used a sepia wash again at the end of the process and then an all over drybrush with beige. 
      The plan is to pit these against the orc pirates I have been working on. I also have some Freebooter Fate minis and some dwarf and halfling pirates from elsewhere. Plus a load of Reaper pirates. Aaaargh. 

    • By Brianuk
      Am cracking on with some opposition to my orc pirates. These are the Razig warlord pirate minis. The bases are resin (they are meant to depict trenches but think they will work here). Have sprayed them all with Army Painter skeleton bone. Then a sepia ink wash all over for definition and a process of going through and colouring in. Am going to add a cannon as well. Am going for quite a colourful scheme, that will be muted by the pre shading and then dusted up with an all over drybrush of off white. 

    • By Brianuk
      Am putting together a skirmish game crew of Fantasy type pirates. Would be brilliant to match these with the Brinewind minis or the Pirates of the Dread Sea game when that comes out. These are all Reaper. One is a human pirate that I've painted as a half orc. Next steps are to include an orc toting a cannon (because magic cannons don't recoil and blow your arms off apparently) and the female goblin pirate from the warlord range. 
      Most of the minis came with a small plank base. I stuck them to mdf round bases and added bits of coffee stirrers to them. Then did a simple water effect using gloss mod podge over bright blue. 

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