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Yarr! It Be talk like a pirate day.


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I be a pirate!
And so be ye.
So let's all drink rum
and shove off ta sea.

Ye be the captain
and I be first mate
We both be drunken pirates
on this pirate speak'n date

Follow'n the map
X shows us tha way
To booty and plunder
On Talk Like a Pirate Day!


How can there not be a talk like a pirate day thread here?

Perhaps it should be Paint (like) a Pirate day.

Perhaps we should all try and paint a pirate today? Yarr. I be thinkin I'll try.

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First, I wore my pi-rate math shirt to work today, then I spoke like a pirate for the end of each of my class periods today, then I came home and spoke like a pirate all night to my three year old. I just finished reading a few pirate bedtime stories and now am working on painting a pirate. I say today was a good day


...er, I mean



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