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Personal Top 10 of Chronoscope Mini's as Bones


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This would be my Bones Top 10 List of Chronoscope Minis:

Dr. Totenkranz
Edna, Crazy Cat Lady
Decker Lugstampf

Angela and Scooter
Zombie Strippers
Incredible Woman, transparent only!
Xiang Lung
Zombie Dog Handler

Kawa, Sumo Wrestler

I would like to have the Incredible Woman twice, to paint her as the invisible woman.

I like Dr. Totenkranz, because I'm thinking little bit about the Dune Movie if I see him.

I have the Zombie Strippers as Metal version, but I needed to put them on the list.

Angela, because I want every Mouseling!

I didn't choose any Zombie Survivors (every 20th Century guy could be one) , Wild West Minis and most Steampunk Minis, because a list of 10 would be not long enough.

But couldn't resist to put Decker Lugstampf on the list.

I saw the zombie dog handler a long time ago, but couldn't get him, because there are so many more minis I want...

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Top Posters In This Topic

Grace, Holy Assassin

Nightslip, Pulp Era Heroine

Cyber-Reavers (not terminators)

Bathalian Primarch (not hydralisk)

Captain Griffon, Superhero

Lady Tiger, Super Villain

Zenith, Superhero


They are definitely missing the ridiculously large weapons.

I want a twin-tailed cat-eared maid with twin mini-guns

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