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Bones lizardmen & shaman

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    • By Glitterwolf
      I finished another recruit for my Lost World Project.
      This time the Bones Lizardman Warrior sculpted by Ben Siens.
      WIP is here for those interested:
      He is based on a Resin Jungle Base from Micro Art Studios.
      I'm less happy with him because of lack of detail in the face area.
      Big Bones are great and well detailed, some of the smaller can lack some detail.
      But he will do, He will be a grunt in the army so nothing special.
      I do like how the shield came out though.
      Without further ado...
      Here he is, hope you like the little coldblooded guy.

    • By Lidless Eye
      Preparing for the Isle of Dread, I painted up a selection of Lizard Guys!  A bunch are from Reaper, there's some Warhammer Lizardmen, and even Wrong-Eye from Hordes.

      There's no group shot for these, as there's a NSFW Bones Medusa in that one who wasn't as blocked by a Saurus as I thought she was when I was snapping away on the phone.

    • By EvilJames
      This got painted because I hate to waste paint. So I grabbed him as waste paint receptacle. Any excess paint from other minis got put on him, and all of a sudden I'm finishing him up.

      The iconic sorceress was also chosen to receive paint overflow but she's not done yet as I haven't painted enough other minis in colors that would look good on her.
      Questions, comments, critiques, welcome
    • By pinkymadigan
      Couple of Lizardman from my latest batch of photos. These guys are pretty quick paints, not a lot of unnecessary details bogging the process down, just some great textured areas that allow for quick depth with little effort.
      C+C welcome as always.



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