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Oh Lactose how I hate you!


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Oh man - I can't imagine being allergic to things. I can't be - my mom is a bit hypo (she's a nurse...) and always thought I was getting sick in the spring from allergies. Had me given a blood test (ELISA, I think), rather than one of the scratchy tests, and they ran me for about 900 things... My IgE levels are so absolutely low, across the board, that I am functionally unable to develop an allergy, and I don't have any. That includes acquired allergies to bee-stings (it still hurts, but unlike most people, my body doesn't react to form the little bump) and poison ivy (I used to get recruited by my HS teachers to help clear out behind the greenhouses because I could take it out without worrying about getting it on my skin; even with gloves, everyone else always seemed to go home with a rash.) Hooray! I! AM! THE .09%! In that only .09% of people have IgE levels as low as mine...


On the other hand, you know how things have smells? I don't! I can only smell about twelve different scents - fish, brine, tobacco smoke, fake orange, fake green apple and a few others - and beyond that, I have no sense of smell. It's like being scent-blind - and it has nothing to do with the strength of the smell at all! Smelling salts, for example - I've been told they smell bad, but I don't smell it at all, just feel the burning. Skunk, rotting meat, spoiled eggs, garlic and onions, BO, smoke - nothing! Good scents - cinnamon, chocolate, baked goods, roasting meat - zilch! It used to be a problem in lab, because I had to be paired with someone who could tell if something was going wrong... and in the fish lab, I couldn't smell the ammonia if a tank was going hypo, so I had to be very careful to test or get someone to come check for me! That's the price I paid for having no allergies - but beyond that, I have no medical issues. A good trade on my end - my doctor doesn't even know, because I never realized until I was around 15 that I was missing smells that others recognized, and I decided not to tell him, or my parents... Ah well!


Edit: About pregnancy - my mom said her allergies were none as a child, appeared after me, and went away after my little sis... maybe I gave all my allegies to my mom? I always was a devious child... :ph34r:

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