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How well do you see color?


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In defense of guys everywhere we do tend to describe colors in 16bit mode.. ..but we can recognize the difference between certain greens: ya got Goblin Green, Forest Green, Olive Drab...


...any differences between Sand, Tan, and Khaki is mostly in the eye of the beholder. :devil: Unless there's three shade desert camo job involved.


And come on, strawberries are red? :huh: ...not any sort of pink. For that matter, we can do at least three reds: Firetruck Red, Brick Red, Strawberry Red unless we are talkin' cars and then there's Candy Apple Red.


Colors need adjectives. :B):

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...any differences between Sand, Tan, and Khaki is mostly in the eye of the beholder. :devil:


What are you doing painting a beholder's eye with those colours?


How else would you be able to differentiate between disintegrate, fear and charm eyes?

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They do say some form of color blindness affects 1 of every 12 men. It's about 16 times more common in men than in women.

A lot of people aren't even aware that they have some form of color blindness until they are tested.


The gene that controls color blindness is on the X chromosome, and only one (of that trigger) is required to work properly. Since women have two X chromosomes, they are significantly less likely to suffer from color-blindness.


The more you know.... ;)


Accurate, but a little unclear.


There are genes for three types of color receptor cells on the x-chromosome: one that detects short wavelengths of visible light (usually referred to as the "blue" receptor), one that detects medium wavelengths (the "green" recptor), and one that detects long ones.


This last one usually called the "red" receptor, although it is only a minor mutant variation of the green receptor and its maximum sensitivity actually occurs in a region of yellowish green. It's still enough difference for the human brain to distinguish colors.


There is another variation of the third receptor that some men have which enables them to make very minute distinctions in mixed greens which most people cannot. There is a hypothesis (I'm not sure if it's been rigorously tested for yet) that some women may have all four different receptors and thus be tetrachromatic, seeing just that many more colors than the rest of us while being unaware of it.


Anyhow, the way it works is not all the genes for all three receptors may be on every x-chromosome. So while most women are likely to have them all because they get two rolls of the dice for having two x-chromosomes, a larger percentage of men will be lacking one or more receptors.

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yeah, I knew I was going to score a little bit badly before going in.  Got a 133.  took my time with it and everything.  I just don't have as many cone cells in my retina according to my eye doctor, but I am packed with rods and as such I have 20/10 vision, just can't match colors worth a darn.  my doctor says that my 20/10 vision is good enough to read text the size of the cone cells, but that having so few and little pigmentation in my retina makes me much more susceptible to damage from UV light, and I will eventually go blind (if I live long enough, there's plenty of hereditary diseases in my family that could prevent that, but that is a whole other story).  over all I am not surprised by my score, more by the fact that I can see color well enough to score that well.

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I'm red-green colorblind so I didn't expect to do well here. I'm sure my moniter affected it one way or another as well.

What's fun right now is that I'm painting orcs with red armor. I'm generally checking with my wife alot to make sure things stand out the way they should on them since they don't stand out for me.


Tried again and got 243 :/ not an improvement  alghough I got more crrect areas on the graph the ones I got wrong were really wrong. Another intersting thing here is I'm supposed to be red- green color blind but the graph seems to indicate that blue is my big trouble area.

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