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Ral Partha Fire Elemental: comments and criticisms eagerly accepted

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I'm not sure - it's tough because your base (lava) is the same color as the elemental. A yellow light on a yellow wall just looks like a brighter yellow.


I'm not an expert by any means, but based on my lava attempt (http://www.coolminiornot.com/329574)


You would need the rock he is standing on to be pretty much all black or dark grey. Then you could reflect the lava on the sides and the elemental on the top. You wouldn't need much.

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I love how bright he is, it's a cool change from the darker, more reddish fire that seems to be more common. I actually really like that he's similar to the base, it looks like he climbed right out of the firey lava and is coming to get whatever party of adventurers is blundering through his home. Excellent work, well done! :D



--OneBoot :D

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i like it, and it's a cool fig.

while it isn't necessary, if you really want to sell OSL extreme contrast is the key. very dark blacks to bright white creates the illusion of a light source. maybe pushing a few spots on the base to pure black would help achieve your objective?

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Good job. As vulture and trystangst say, to "sell" as bright it needs more contrast!


I miss more white in the elemental, and bright yellows (they seem dull?). That because it is fire.


If the base IS lava, heated rock has a large temperature gradient and thus, you need sharp a quick color changes. Non "right on fire and molten" areas need to be black to sell the effect.


Since the rock it is standing on seems solid, I would just paint it all black on the top (except perhaps around the feet, as in a kind of OSL coming from the elemental), leave the surface the rock lays on bright yellow-white, and transition that yellow into dark red up to the side edge of the rock, if it makes any sense :)


I think that would also serve to separate the mini from the base and make it more memorable and pop!

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I like it. To me it needs a few more layers of shadows. Reverse highlighting...so you've got the whites to yellows to oranges to just barely red...and while that looks like fire, I think you should go a little darker, which would mean re-layering in everything after white to give space to put in a few more reds. Honestly, not worth it, looks very good as is and just something to consider for the next flames. Personally, for fire or flames I go from just off-white all the way to walnut brown, crossing through 3 triads and half a dozen mixes in between.


For the OSL, I'm assuming his left foot is in the lava stream, right is on a rock. Imagine he's in a dark cave with only source of light being the lava and him...so the lava looks to be on both sides of the rock, but very little light from the lava would be on the top of the rock, sides would be lit, from below (I'd use an orage to red), so leave some top ridges black. For the top of the rock I'd try some bright-ish yellow/orange around the feet and got to red/walnut quickly as you spread away from the feet with a little brighter trail from foot to foot. Leave most of the rock dark so the OSL really shows.



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