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I'm not sure at what point it hit me, but when going through my Bones I realized that several of the IMEF Marines would make excellent G.I. Joes.  Blowtorch was my "proof of concept", since I figured he had about the wildest color scheme of any of the characters that would match up.  Can you figure out who is who?  ::D:




















EDIT: Fixed broken links.

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Blowtorch, Duke, Scarlett, Spirit, Roadblock, Beachhead


thanks for the fun game!


very interesting how the sculpts pretty much dictated which character it should be. You truly are a Joe fan.


now, just dig out the bird from the familiars, paint him like a bald eagle, call him Freedom and stick him on Spirits shoulder!

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Good job, DLMyst! The "scout" figure is supposed to be Airborne rather than Spirit, though they're both Native American characters and share a similar color scheme (I don't know why so many early Joe figures had sky-blue). To be fair, I refered to a G.I. Joe fansite to make sure the colors were as accurate to the figures as I could manage, so I wasn't going completely from memory. ::P: That's also why Duke has a khaki color rather than the golden color from the cartoon, though I think the rest match fairly well.


Beach Head is the Jazz Jenkins figure, with some Green Stuff (which I haven't used in forever) for a mask. I was originally going to paint the figure as Grunt, but his color scheme was really boring, so I went for someone a little more recognizable. The rest were painted as-is, with no modifications.


(Also, apparently I missed Beach Head's eyes, so I'll have to go back and do those.)

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I was leaving these minis for last in my box because I don't really do sci-fi/modern, but after seeing your brilliant idea I'll be borrowing it to do the same. I love Airborne and Scarlet especially. Huge fan of GI Joe growing up. Reminds me of those little free figures they included with the full-sized 3.75" ones later in the toy line. Great work and awesome idea!

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Reminds me of those little free figures they included with the full-sized 3.75" ones later in the toy line.


I had totally forgotten about those! ::D:


Hmm... I wonder if Reaper would consider making a Serpentor figure... :lol:


"This I command!"


This project is certified awesome. Scarlet is perfect. YO JOE!

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I only went with Airborne because his gear matched the figure pretty closely. My brother and I never had the figure when we were growing up, so he always felt like a second-string character. ::P:


Once I work through some (read: a lot) more of my Vampire set, I might order a couple more of the IMEF guys and see if I can paint up some other Joes. Stalker, General Hawk, Lady Jaye, Flint, and Iceberg were floating around as possibilities at one point...

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What a fun idea :)


I was planning to trade these guys off unpainted, but for some reason after seeing the G.I.Joe guys, I'm really wanting to paint some of these Sci-Fi Bones up like Doom Guy and Quake Guy...



















I'd better not... because if I did, I'd have to come up with an excuse to use them, and then find some Bones to convert to Doom and Quake style monsters for Doom Guy and Quake Guy to frag, and then....

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Reaper used to have a liscenced line of DOOM minis. Some of them where pretty cool too


I think there was a recent thread about them being re-released by whomever owns the DOOM IP. It's the entire collection, but it's also pretty pricey because 1) it's a lot of metal and 2) it's marketed as a collector's item. :rolleyes:

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