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Sculpting a dragon...


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Damn it.. now I need those for Vermithrax hatchlings... *shakefist*


The only thing I could think of that I would change is a more defined joint of skull and neck.. but if you're going Croc style its fine.. heck, make a head and tail sprue


Pegasus models makes a rather spectacular Vermithrax model that has wings for arms.. if you get stuck and need inspiration..

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lol I looked all over your KS page looking for the option to buy the dragon! :lol: He's coming along fabulously!!! My first thought when you showed the first picture was "D'aww, it's so cuuuute!" but after you got the head sculpted, I was blown away! Not only because he looks way more dragony, but also because he went from looking a bit cartoonish to BAM IT'S A DRAGON. :)


Oh man, I've been trying so hard to resist backing your Kickstarter (NOT through lack of wanting to, it's the lack of monies), but you're making it so DIFFICULT! :;):



--OneBoot :D

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Thanks everyone - the feedback is all appreciated!


lol I looked all over your KS page looking for the option to buy the dragon! :lol:


I'm not going to add him yet - simply because we can't be sure he'll cast OK; but we should know by next Tuesday!




What are the chances you could fit an additional tail piece in the mold? I'd love to see a tail with some length and a stinger; this would be a pretty great beefy wyvern....

....Is it possible to see video of you sculpting the scales?



Sanael, unfortunately there's not room in the mould for any extra stuff - by the time the fill gates and vents are added, it'll be pretty full...


As for a video, I had a go yesterday - but our camera won't focus that close unfortunately... it was just 2 minutes of green blur. Sorry!

I'll have another try when we get a better camera.



Anyway, on to the sculpting progress:


Well, I managed to get a bit further with the dragon yesterday - so I think we are still on target for master moulding on Monday night...
I made a start on one side of the tail:
Next I did the membrane on the other wing:
...and then got to work on one of the legs:
While that putty was curing, I went back to the wing and body parts, and had a go at blending the large scales in a bit better. It's not easy to see in the pictures, but it definitely looks better now.
Today if it all goes to plan, I'll finish the second wing today, and the rest of the main body section.
I'll let you know how it goes!


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I love the pose. Reminds me a lot of the big guy in "Reign of Fire" (which is a good thing).





I knew I recognized him from somewhere! ;) Many of the Skyrim dragons had this crawling posture after landing too.


Lovejoy, I am absolutely loving the skin texture! It looks so organic!

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I'm not going to add him yet - simply because we can't be sure he'll cast OK; but we should know by next Tuesday!

Oh heavens, if you do add him, I'm going to fail my Will save so hard. It's cool, I like Ramen.... :;):



--OneBoot :D



This post nearly made me spit my coffee all over my screen and keyboard this morning! ::P:

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Thanks everyone!


Anyway, the last 2 days have been spent working flat out on dragon sculpting.
I completed the body, tail, second wing and second leg... I won't post work in progress pictures of them, because they are basically the same as the earlier pics! Instead, we'll go straight onto the putting-it-all-together bit...
The body joint I'd fitted when I built the armature seemed to work well. It was basically just a hole on one part, and a section of oval brass tube on the other. All I needed to do was tidy up the joint surfaces, and it fitted together very cleanly.
Next I sorted the wing joints - these were a bit more complicated... first I had to trim the armature wire, as it was too long. I left a short piece of wire sticking out - about 6mm or so.
Next, I took a length of brass tube, and found a drill bit with the same diameter. Then I drilled two holes into the dragon's body, and checked to make sure the brass tubing would fit alright.
Then I cut two short lengths of the brass tube using a jeweler's saw. I stuffed some freshly mixed Green Stuff into the pieces of tube, and pushed them onto the armature wires on the wings. I smoothed off the excess Green Stuff, and left them to let the Green Stuff harden.
Finally, I put it all together and took a couple of photos and a little video...
So, that's the dragon sculpted... now we have to wait until Monday evening, when we'll be putting it into a master mould - let's hope it works!


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