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Black Chapel dwarfs


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They claim to be 28mm, yes. TBH I don't like the fighter; but I have an issue with charging dwarfs looking downwards. What are they charging, a rat?!

Yeah, like all the parties at first level on D&D XD



Ah, so the explanation is I never played D&D (only d20 Iron Heroes in a dark, dark time). I'd rather have my players be competent. My choice is more DungeonWorld or FATE these days, so...


Anyway, sorry to derail. To compensate, I found the company's website (http://blackchapelminiatures.com/index.php?id_lang=4 -- the English version for you guys).


There they clarify it is 30mm Heroic scale. A lot more pics too, 360 style. Didn't see when they would be available. Some of the available minis are interesting but too "warhammer" for me.

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