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Mangu Timur [Open/Group] thread

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Well I used Mangu Timur as a test figure for a color scheme I am planing on using for a War band. I am thinking since I got 2 in the kickstarter using one to get cleaned up and painting in the test scheme as a final product. here is my test bed figure.







Shield side.


Closer face and chest


2 things to take note of my camera is crap and Mangu here is not the best looking example on the block (mis/poor cast?). could use some suggestions/inspiration to go further with Mr. Timur here. I will look through my recently received replacements and see if i have a better one to do a full WIP on.


At this point here is what has been done. Primed with Army Painter (AP here on out) spray gunmetal. Then washed with Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade, built back up the gun metal layer staying towards the middle and high points of the armor plates. Then using AP Warpaints (WP) gun metal to add high lights in tighter center of armor plates. Then used AP WP Shining silver to edge light the armor plates and other raised parts (mainly where light is going to be reflected from). Then gave the model a coat of Citadel Gulliman Blue Glaze. This gives the model a very blue steel look that I don't think my camera shows very well here. Then AP WP Alien purple for the cloth. AP WP Greedy gold for accent bits. and that is when I decided to crash for the morning and post this up.






Edited for PG content and spelling...


Edited for adding processes used to this point.


Edited to add more pics

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