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Polish Knight Fighting League

Darsc Zacal

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From observing the video once...


Looks like they have: fairly high-tech padding under the authentic looking armor, very high quality steel helms that look authentically medieval (but are far superior), refs or wardens who lunge in to call a halt when that one guy's helmet popped off, some basic safety rules like slash-don't-stab / no-striking-at-knees / no-striking-someone-on-the-ground / etc., limited swing arcs for long-hafted weapons, rebated weapons...


...that's how.


The SCA heavy fighter types are essentially using billets to hit each other with (plus a bunch more of their home-brewed safety rules). Billets were used in the middle ages as practice weapons. Rebated weapons were often used in medieval tournaments and most participants survived (though there were casualties).

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