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From observing the video once...


Looks like they have: fairly high-tech padding under the authentic looking armor, very high quality steel helms that look authentically medieval (but are far superior), refs or wardens who lunge in to call a halt when that one guy's helmet popped off, some basic safety rules like slash-don't-stab / no-striking-at-knees / no-striking-someone-on-the-ground / etc., limited swing arcs for long-hafted weapons, rebated weapons...


...that's how.


The SCA heavy fighter types are essentially using billets to hit each other with (plus a bunch more of their home-brewed safety rules). Billets were used in the middle ages as practice weapons. Rebated weapons were often used in medieval tournaments and most participants survived (though there were casualties).

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One guy looked like his head got rocked pretty hard. Even in gear that could cause major problems with brain or spinal cord damage.


Don't get me wrong, I would watch it. And enjoy it greatly. I was more realizing why it isn't a US event...

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      I started my Benedikt Project. It is going to be a present for my brother Benedikt.
      I assume this guy will take me a very along time. The mini sits on my desk for s long time but Progress is slow. Maybe Posting here will get me some Motivation.
      I will try a style with stark contrasts of light and dark like some of Frazettas works.
      The mini will get a special Base but that is a long was to go.
      So lets get started.

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      The subset called "knights" in the Bones 4 core set.

      These are NPC or henchmen-types. Wait a minuite! Do I really think that just because they have covered faces? Dang!
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      These also seem to be new sculpts for this KS.
      Come to think of it, this lot should be good proxies for Kings of War Vanguard Basileans.
      Knights subset
      Reaper Miniatures, Bones 4 KS 2017
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      Bonesium PVC.
      30mm round lipped bases
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      This old Games Workshop mini is from about 1986. I think I had gotten him in a pack of minis because I have several others from the same line. I think I bought the pack mainly for this guy. He was my favorite, and I painted him solid black with silver trim. 
      This time, I went with copper colored armor. A long time ago I wasn’t down with the big snake on his head so I chopped it off. I used paperclip and some contour putty to resculpt it here. The shield glued on to a round knob on his fist. Trying to figure out how to incorporate that unconcealable circle on the shield, I went with a simple eye motif. 
      Please let me know regarding the flaming sword. I made the flame with hot glue. I think flames are brightest/hottest at the base and fade to black smoke at the top. I’m not sure how well this paint job imitates Fire, so comments on how to improve would be greatly appreciated. 

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      Can it be that I'm the only one excited about THIS business?


      One of the first RPG systems. One of the stepping stones that launched Steve Jackson's career. The ancestor of the venerable GURPS. They're bringing back Liz Danforth, the original illustrator, and reworking and refurbishing the whole enchilada.

      Article on Boing Boing linked here.

      And it's BACK.

      Why are you not all immediately funding this?

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