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The good, the bad and the Fugly


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And that is the end of the minis that I have packed away until I get a proper home to display them. I like to thank everyone that took a look at them.Some will get a repaint, some I wont bother with and others I don't know how I got such a good paint job with my crappy skills lol. Hopefully others will add to this thread so it doesn't die.

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Okay, so in an attempt to keep up Grimreaper71's excellent topic, throwing out some other figures that I painted way back in the eighties, not exactly sure when but between probably 1982-1986.  Mostly Ral Partha stuff but a few Grenadier skeletons thrown in there.  As I take a close up look at these, I'm happy that I at least was able to paint in the lines, but pretty horrified at whatever technique I thought I was using back then.  If I remember back then, I painted usually a figure black, then kind of moved up from there, so lots of drybrushing, or at least not so-wet brushing. 





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