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The good, the bad and the Fugly


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I've posted a couple, here are a couple more in my archive folder on dropbox...I'll need to get pics of more.








First is from a Partha TSR box for the Dungeon game (I have more of those painted). Soth of course from the Villains box. And the wizard is actually from a Scrye life counter Reaper made a while back.

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So in my attempt to keep this topic alive, a few more old, old figures of mine, painted back in nineteen eighty something.


Tonight a really old Citadel Hill Giant.  I really wish I had this figure to paint again, really like this funky older figure.  Also a very small Dennis Mize Ninja and a old Tom Meier Centaur.  Enjoy and pull out your own classics from the days of yore...




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Here are some oldies in my collection, so we can keep this topic alive:


Ral Partha Gnome and Halflings, the female halfling was our first conversion:



Ral Partha and Grenadier Dark Elves:



Ral Partha Bugbears, with the bones bugbear to show scale creep.  I actually like the newer size better for this, the older ones are a bit small.



Julie Guthrie Grenadier ladies, among the first ones I painted long ago.  They have gotten lot of use over time, the noses are flat on 2 of them from falling over  ::(:



Julie Guthrie Grenadier elves:



The Grenadier Hydra from the Dragon of the Month collection.  I went with the box art as my inspiration, and I painted this on a Friday and Saturday to have it ready for a gaming session on Sunday.  This was my proudest paint achievement for a long time.


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That's very bizarre, I was just thinking of taking some more photos this morning, logged on and saw these great new additions! I really like your modified little hobbit chick and when I think how small she is and how large figures are nowadays, she'd be a perfect sprite or pixie!  The hydra is extremely cool. A lot of time had to have gone into that one!

Thanks for the size comparison shot as well, always fun to see those!

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Okay, took long enough to actually do it, but here are some more really old ones, painted back in the early to mid-eighties.


With the hobbit photo, I took him next to the bottle of paint for a bit of size comparison. That is a really tiny figure and the dwarf isn't much bigger.







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