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Bones are slightly porous


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I have come up with a cunning plan to get some more painting done. It involves giving my 3 year olds son some models to paints whilst I paint my own.

In order not to ruin the models and be too expensive I let him use poster paints on them. These are then dropped into a bucket of water to wash them before the paint dries.



Interestingly after washing a few of them I realised the red paint wasn't washing off. It looks like the bones material is slightly porous as the red paint seems to stain them here are a few examples.




And here on a dragon.




The models don't have a problem but no matter how much washing I do it won't clear. Has anyone else had this problem?

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I doubt the plastic is porous.


Many paints use dyes instead of pigments, and they can easily stain plastics.


Mostly it's because the paint is a cheap one. Dyes are prettier and brighter than pigments, on the whole, but less permanent.


But there are also proper pigments which are dye-based. Phtalo green and blue are, and they often stain not only plastics, but synthetic (plastic hair) paintbrushes as well.

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Does your son get mad when you destroy all his hard artistic works?

No, some models I wouldn't say he painted. He brushed a load of paint onto the face and then would drop them into the bucket after declaring they were finished. He did keep asking to use my paints so at some point I may have to live with some strange painted models!!

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