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77171: Stone Golem (inspired by Marvel's Colossus)


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Here's the fifth member of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up:










You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery.


There's a nice bonus graphic for the Golems back in the WIP.

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Looks cool. Nice representation of Colossus' skin patterns. I feel the heavy black lining may be working against you in this case, breaking up the lines a bit too much. I don't think it will keep anyone getting the reference, though.


Yeah. The "black lining" sticks with the golem rock motif and that I am doing them all them same. I basically envision that the shiny-black stuff is what is holding the rocky strata on the surface together and is allowing the golem to move. Not a stock description from any game I know but something I liked when I saw the glossy black under "The Thing's" orange.


Overall, I like the effect. While there are derivations from the true look/feel of the Marvel characters ... I think that golems represent the characters they are inspired by within the parameters I am sticking to.

  • Two main colors. Highlight colors (bottom of the "skirt", stones around the head, the belt and the bracers)
  • Rock Strata effect (breaking up the surface)
  • Doing the worn rock effects (white scrape marks, shaded cracks/scrapes)
  • Matching Bases with moss and algae (I intentionally change the base's plank orientation depending on whether they are heroes or villains)
  • Facing of the Figure on the Base (heroes face right and villains face left with slight variance in angle between them)
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