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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion

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I was almost half- expecting things to reveal after we've passed certain values that only Reaper is privy to.


All they need to do is send out an update saying "keep gong" and leave it at that, pop reveals as they happen or something.


I think we're all full of excitement and don't have anywhere to channel it!

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I'm guessing that they MIGHT pull out a timed goal at the 1 hour mark. Something like "$200,000 in an hour and we'll unlock the Buglips, Goblin 'King' of the Frozen Wastes figure".


IT'S NOT TOO LATE! We got Sophie, we (effectively) got Bryanzilla once I find a fedora the right size, only one thing left on my wishlist now!

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DDS2 is a thing of beauty, but I won't be adding one.

Not because I can't afford the model, but because I can't afford the bigger house I would need to display it.

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I'm still sitting at about $45 of unspent funds lol! So I'll hold onto that for now, but as it gets closer to ending I might need to drop that spare amount. Hopefully they have more tricks up their sleeves for the remainder of this thing!

I'm already incredibly happy with what we're getting already =P But I don't need $45 of anything that's been revealed already, so here's fingers crossed for a few neat things down the way

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Feels like we're in a movie and the hero just vanquished the villain and now we're watching the hero just hang out at home and watch TV for 10-15m at the end of the movie. Its not over, but the story has ended.

Yeah it has a Return of the King feel.

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Well this was completely unnecessary since I still have a huge box of unpainted mini's from KS1, but it was fun. I like the way they broke out the expansions so that once in you could get more "free" stuff as with the core as the KS went along. 3 is clearly themed, but 1 and 2 do not seem to have an obvious theme.


I am a bit confused though, where are the pirates? Between 2.85 and 3 mil, there is a sign that says Thar be Pirates. I assumed there would be some sort of pirate themed reveal at that point.


The wallet is getting off a bit easier than last time.

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