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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion


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And, I'd imagine, your opportunities for making swaps (inexpensively, anyway) is pretty limited being in Argentina. The ability to swap Bones models you don't want for others you do with someone else can go a long way towards making $100 pledge make more sense. Last time around I got double Vamp for myself because there were quite a few things I wanted dupes of, but that in and of itself would not have made my second Vampire make sense. Making deals afterwards with the stuff from one pledge (or both, in some cases), got me additional figures that further added to the value for me. I got to populate my dungeon crawl for conventions for way less than it would have cost me retail, and get a bunch of extra cool stuff to boot.



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Apologies, I have not been on the boards in a while. I am starting this new thread as I dont want to read 109 pages of the other thread nor do I want to get lost on page 110...



This is a request slash plea slash question slash etc....



What is it going to take to get some mounted minis to be added to the kickstarter?



I admit I have been holding off on joining this second kickstarter for until I start to see:


Lion Lancers

Light Lancers

Nefsokar horse archers

Overlord Chevaliers

Bloodstone gnome beetle riders

Dwarven bear riders



I was so sure that at least some of those models would have been included into the second kickstarter..


Guess I was wrong..


So, changing to the direct approach....please... add some mounted models to the kickstarter.


Hi, Jason! Welcome back to the boards.


You are far from the first person to request Bones cavalry; actually, you're far from the hundred and first, or thousand and first. I think the only way we could make the desire for cavalry any plainer would be if we kidnapped Reaper Bryan's dog and shaved "MOAR CAVALRY PLEASE" into its fur. Reaper is well aware of this; they've even said that cavalry was planned during the last Kickstarter, but was unfortunately pushed aside by events as they rolled on.


Secondly, holding your pledge until you see precisely what you want to see helps no one. Cavalry, and any other stretch goal desired, won't be revealed until the funding hits that point; the best thing you can do, then, is make a pledge now to help those stretch goals move along. This is the third day of Bones II; there are 22 more to come, so complaining that what you want to see isn't there right now is far beyond counter productive, it is frustrating and aggravating to those who have been paying attention to the last 110 pages of various commentary thread. ::): If, by Day 25 (or even Day 24; wouldn't want to get stuck with a server crash, after all...) cavalry still hasn't made an appearance, you can pull your pledge and be out nothing.


And finally, stand by for merge: I doubt this thread will exist outside the extant Kickstarter discussion very long.


edit: And, in accordance with the prophecies, we're back in the main discussion. Hi, guys!

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Verocithrax... Yeah, hmmmm.... I need some assurances from Reaper that floppy ankle syndrome is not going to afflict him before I add him to my pledge rewards... ***thinks on it a bit*** maybe if he has bad wheels, he could make a good diorama carcass....

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