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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion


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I'll chime in with my $0.04 here (adjusted for inflation) about minis in general and the cloud giantess specifically. No offense intended to anybody, take my comments in the spirit they're intended. :)


To be honest, I didn't care much one way or another about lady cloud giant when she was revealed. I thought the male was cool due to his ginormous sword and very dynamic pose, but the lady was eh for me. It's mostly that I'm a self-professed prude, and she was posed more seductively than I'm quite comfortable with, but I understood that Reaper has a wide audience, and I still thought she was a beautiful sculpt.


Once she arrived, I fell in love with her just because the detail and sculpting on her was lovely. I was happy when I saw the painted version of her on the paint flyer (included with the pledge) and saw that she'd been painted with an awesome breastplate dealy, and when I inspected the sculpt closely, I could see that she'd been designed that way. However, the line showing the edges of the plate are so minimal that they could easily be filed off/ignored for someone who wanted to paint her up with more skin showing. This further served to impress me that the sculptor knew what he was doing, and had done a genius job.


When it comes to more stuff being added to the core, I'm just excited to be getting more minis, regardless of WHAT they are. My sci-fi troops will almost certainly never see action, but they're great for experimenting with paint techniques! However, I do understand the dilemma that RoW backers face, that if they're not interested in certain sculpts that are being added in, they're still going to have to pay shipping+VAT+random taxes on the whole thing.


However, when it's add-ons I'm not interested in, it doesn't bother me one single bit. If I don't likes it, I don't buys it. The Kraken is super duper cool, but I don't personally have a need or interest for it. Pitching a fit because I don't want it is silly. Reaper added it because it makes good business sense, and a lot of people like it. The fact that I'm not going to buy it doesn't change those facts. Same thing with the big dragon sculpts (though I plan on getting several of those ^_^ ). They make good business sense, and their customers have shown with their wallets in the past that BIG DRAGON = WANT.


Regarding the balance of male/female figurines: I'm honestly pleased every time a female mini becomes available, because not only are they cool, but I have several female gaming friends. One of them is a fighter from the lands of the Linnorm Kings, where if you slay a linnorm dragon, you become king. Her character is looking for a linnorm dragon for the prince she serves, so the lady dragonslayer mini was the PERFECT mini for her; she totally flipped out when she saw it. The fact that there does seem to be fewer female minis in this KS (so far!) than in the first one doesn't bother me much, since we're really just getting started. There's 19 days left, plenty of time for more stuff to show up. That being said, I'm loving the female centaur, she's super cool! And the lionness. :)


...Wow, that was more rambling than I was expecting.



--OneBoot :D

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Couldn't do it. Had to skip to the end.


So, now that the initial craziness is over I wanted to go back and ask a couple of things:


1) As a n00b, should I get the HD paints? I kind of like the Master Series triads, so I don't know how well these would work with those (as far as shading/highlighting goes - I presume they'll mix without issue). I guess these are better for certain colors (like yellow (?)), so are the colors offered in the KS package the ones where HD really shines?


2) Has there been any indication of being able to add-on additional copies of the sets added to the Core Set (Dungeon Monsters, Bully For You, etc.). We could do that last time, but I could see Reaper not doing that again to keep logistics a little simpler.


Thanks, all!


1. The HD paints are "extra-pigment-y." They're good for basecoating, and they work just fine with the MSP triads.


2. IIRC, adding extra sub-sets isn't out of the question, but is still undecided.

Re: #2 Reaper is working on a calculator, it'll be ready in a few days. It is supposed to allow you to add-on pledge rewards as well as options (according to the response I received a few days ago).

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the devils are awsome and im getting 2 sets of them. there is really something for everyone and if you get something you dont like you can sell it off or trade with someone else.



the sci fi stuff im using for some of my favorite 1st edition dnd modules there are troops in them spaceships lol.

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Did I read correctly that bunches of what we are seeing are new sculpts? The Lemures for example I know I've seen somewhere before but I can't remember where...

Girot, check out this thread: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51663-ks-bones-ii-list-of-miniatures/



It has links to stuff we know and suggests what the op thinks is new. I believe others have helped fill it out more thoroughly.


ninja'd! :ph34r:

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I actually like the bone devil with the wings, though. I mean, as like a random piece of cool. It's just not the BD I'm looking for.


Of course, there's nothing to say I can't do up a batch sans wings and have players develop tactics against them - and then secretly paint a set with wings to reveal as another evolved stage once they get cocky.


"They can fly! Run!"

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and on a happy note someone dropped a wave 3 so i upgraded from wave 5 to 3 and that makes me smile :) plus im getting 3 of the devil group i love them and they look dead on from teh 1st edition monster manual.



they are also doing a vacation day cash in at my job and since i have weeks i cannot use in time its all going into getting me a vampire from ebay and as much from this as i can afford lol.

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they are also doing a vacation day cash in at my job and since i have weeks i cannot use in time its all going into getting me a vampire from ebay and as much from this as i can afford lol.

I wish I could do that! I've got a crap load of leave building up - I don't think I'm going to hit the use-or-lose limit by the end of the year, but I'm going to have to take some time before too long.
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I think what's missing from the thread here on the forums is the torrent of comments that were made through kickstarter itself. I wasn't a forum member back then, and I do remember some of the nastier comments made. Honestly, once conversation starts going that direction, I start to tune out since I don't like conflict so much.


I collected some of the kickstarter spoilers from the comments and put them in the /tg/ thread, but I'll post em here in case anyone didn't see-



"On Monday we'll bring the giant spider back up for consideration into Bones."


"Bob's working on a certain monster from the Saturday morning cartoon from the 80's that I referenced last night. NOT TIAMAT! :)"


"Not Tiamat, not Venger, not not-Tiamat. Not Uni. Everything else is fair game though. :)"


"The ruins you see in the video are pretty cool. But they're...occupied..."


"@Wade - Nope, not stuff Anne was doing, although she's painting the new barrow rats (wow!). And Talin is still doing stuff for us...amazing stuff at that. Some of it showing up in this KS!"


"Some pretty cool stuff. Let's just say there was lots of stuff being created. Stuff that will satisfy folks with different tastes in gaming genres."


"I can deny brushes. Our brush suppliers could not keep up with the response and we don't need things that we are 100% certain will cause delays."


"@Corey: we might be able to manage PDF of the current rules, but there is no new rule set to release."


"I would also like to confirm based on your feedback, that *IF* we do other expansions in the future, they will be more cohesively themed."


"I can confirm that we hope to include an unlock for Cavalry models."


"How about more Great Old Ones?"


"@Shane - Lovecraftian Mythos. Last time around C'Thulhu was very popular."


"@magnus, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, hastur, Shub-niggurath, to name a few."


"@Nate - Cavalry, Gauth, Marthrangul I can confirm. A lot of the others I cannot, but that doesn't mean they aren't going to be. We do still have a few blank stickies, in case of cool ideas."


"Oh, yeah, Angels, too. That 3114 Deva Angel, and some new angels, and some classics."


"@Philip: Gauth and Marthrangul, too. And Cavalry. And Sci-Fi stuff as an Option. And stuff you guys don't even know the names for."


"@Magnus - Stormwing does exist on one of the sticky notes, yes."


"@Kyle - absolutely! Our goals are like sticky notes, and we move them around in response to such things. Recently we moved a dragon out, in response to the recent reaction to Verocithrax, so wish lists are very helpful."

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