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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion


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Necropolis 2? Skeletons, zombies, Judas, Naomi, Banshee, ghosts, ... Or are you not counting anything that's not an original Warlord SKU?


I don't think he's considering proxies. Also, Judas, Naomi, and the Banshee were in the first KS. I think he is only counting this one.


This is correct, on both counts. Thus far, I have only been tracking the current KS's additions to the Bones line, and only counting models that are the "Warlord versions" (as there are, from time to time, alt sculpts and resculpts of Warlord models in the DHL line - Halbarad and Marcus Gideon are excellent examples of these).


However, I am nearly finished compiling the models from the first KS that were pure Warlord (as well as the handful that were available pre-KS, like Railor, Naomi, the Vale Archer, etc.); after I catch this up in a post here, my future posts regarding this KS's Warlord progress will also count the cumulative Bones model numbers for all factions.


Finally, for those that doubt the awesomeness of the Gorloth, I share this image (this will also serve as a bit of scale pic as well, since there are some Darkreach models - painted by Bryan's lovely wife Shannon - in there with it).





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Er, not quite. The real problem with DDM was their sales model. The line was fraught with silly amounts of repeat concepts and sculpts, often one set after another. Monsters were often difficult to obtain in multiples, especially if they were popular (dragons, giants, and similar) or had more intricate sculpts (beholders, dragons, etc.). There was also no set cost for a miniature; on the secondary market, dragons could range in cost from $20 to $90 depending on quality, size, desirability, and its originating set -- prices would waiver from month-to-month. Huge miniatures were another problem, especially when they made them available in random "huge packs."


Their costing model also increased from $10 a pack in the beginning to about $16 for a standard miniatures pack to $25 (or more) per huge pack. Basically, it was a model doomed to fail (and it did) because people eventually got tired of all the randomization when companies like Reaper were offering set pieces for the same price all day (and year) long.


I mostly disagree with your analysis.


1) The primary thing that killed DDM was that it wasn't a very good game. Too limited for roleplaying, it was too complex to play real armies.


2) For a collectible miniatures game, it didn't support enough sales. For most games you needed perhaps a dozen figures. And a dozen figures per player just isn't enough to support a game, even with upgrades over time.


3) For roleplayers (which I suspect was the larger market), it was a huge boon. The completionists supported a secondary market, especially in rares, that functionally provided a huge subsidy to purchasers of commons and a bit less to uncommons.


4) The random model, in particular, was tremendously beneficial to GMs. I don't have any hard data, but I suspect that rares cost at most twice what commons cost to produce (because of more colors of paint, mostly). But they went for 10-100 times the price of commons on the secondary market. And since most encounters could be run with commons, that was a major benefit.


5) For pricing, I'll agree that the increases reduced sales, which reduced purchases, which increased the cost per figure to produce, which increased prices again. But I don't think that had as much to do with the sales model as it did with Hasbro's requirement that lines produce certain profit margins. They worked exceptionally well when they were a fairly low margin product, but the combination of a game that had run its course with the required increase in margins eventually killed it.


Anyway, the upshot is that I was very happy both that the line existed and that WotC decided to market it the way they did, and I know I wasn't alone, as two other people in my gaming group bought their figures by the case as well. It was only when you tried to pick up something popular as a single that the pricing became a real problem until close to the end.

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Ok, Now I have a request for reaper that isnt Tarrasque related (but you will notice my shameless plug :D )


Lizardfolk I think are a race that are completely underrepresented. When they do get attention they are often protrayed in savage caveman terms. Such as spears with stone tips or clubs and shields made of some sort of shell or hide.


What I want is the Lizardfolk that is past the bronze age. Where they have fitted armor and blades like their human counter parts and perhaps mages (NOT witch doctors) but robes and such.

now I know there are a few in the last bones line. But nothing that I could get in a decent number to represent an encounter. Some like a common soldier...

Mind you Im talking lizard men and not snake men. (however I wouldnt be apposed to both)


Just me secondary wish to the Tarrasque....(I can plug it twice if I want :P )

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Ok, here's the Warlord models that already exist as Bones, right now. Note that there will be some overlap between these lists and the list for the current KS, as a few models already in production have been included in one or the other KS.


Pre-KS1 Bones

Great Worm (BSG)

Templar Knight (Crusaders) aka Sir Forscale

Vale Archer (Elves)

Silvermane (Elves)

Boneflayer* (Kargir)

Feral Pup (Koborlas)

Railor (Necropolis)

Naomi (Necropolis)

Zombie*** (Necropolis)

Corvus (Overlords) – Barnabas(77023), while heavily converted, is technically still Corvus

Korgug* (Reven)


KS1 Bones

Duke Gerard (Crusaders)

Almaran the Gold (Crusaders)

Finari (Crusaders)

Tierdeleira (Darkreach)

Zalash (Darkreach)

Liela Mordollwen (Darkreach)

Nightshade Warrior (Darkreach)

Shadow Dragon (Darkreach)

Rauthuros (Darkspawn)

Isiri Arachnid Archer (Darkspawn)

Isiri Arachnid Warrior (Darkspawn)

Freya (Dwarves)

Fulumbar (Dwarves)

Griffon (Dwarves)

Stone Spirit (Dwarves)

Aviriel (Elves)

Lysette (Elves)

Boerogg (Icingstead)

Deathsleet (Icingstead)

Svetlana (Icingstead)

Frost Wyrm (Icingstead)

Black Orc Tundra Stalker (Kargir)

Kavorgh (Kargir)

Black Orc Archer (Kargir)

Black Orc Hunter (Kargir)

Black Orc Maurader (Kargir)

Granak the Butcher (Kargir)

Venomspite** (Kargir)

Bailey Silverbell (Kragmarr)

Leisynn (Mercs)

Judas (Necropolis)

Bat Swarm (Necropolis)

Malek (Necropolis)

Nightspectre (Necropolis)

Ghast* (Necropolis)

Neb’nesew (Nefsokar)

Khadath (Nefsokar)

Tomb Guard (Nefsokar)

Mageguard Golem (Overlords)

Rat Swarm (Razig)

Hydra (Reptus)

Kagunk (Reven)

Nor’Okk (Reven)

Gnoll Archer** (Reven)

Harpy (Reven)

Elliwyn (Sisterhood)

Isabeau (Sisterhood)

Shadow Sister (Sisterhood)

Arthrand Nightblade (Tembrithil)

Spirit of the Forest (Tembrithil)

Owlbear (Tembrithil)


* Duplicated in KS2

** Does double duty, serving in more than one faction

*** Duplicated in KS1


Totals by Faction for Pre-KS and KS1:

BSG: 1

Crusaders: 4

Darkreach: 5

Darkspawn: 3

Dwarves: 4

Elves: 4

Icingstead: 4

Kargir: 7

Koborlas: 1

Kragmarr: 1

Mercs: 1

Necropolis: 8

Nefsokar: 3

Overlords: 2

Razig: 1

Reptus: 1

Reven: 5

Sisterhood: 3

Tembrithil: 3


Totals, including KS2 (includes items known, but not yet unlocked), adjusted for repeats from Pre-KS and KS1:

BSG: 2

Crusaders: 6

Darkreach: 5

Darkspawn: 3

Dwarves: 6

Elves: 7

Icingstead: 6

Kargir: 11

Koborlas: 2

Kragmarr: 1

Mercs: 4

Necropolis: 9

Nefsokar: 8

Overlords: 2

Razig: 1

Reptus: 3

Reven: 9

Sisterhood: 3

Tembrithil: 7



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Aw yeah. Reaper just confirmed that Core sub-sets will be available as add-ons in the pledge manager.

now is that CORE subsets...or CORE EXPO subsets...


Here's the exchange:

Sam Bloch 28 minutes ago

Is it possible to get extra copies of the sets that are part of the core set, like the PF villains? If so when will prices for those be up?


Reaper Miniatures 26 minutes ago

@Sam Bloch - yes, and those prices will be posted with our Pledge/Shipping Calculator


So maybe also the Expansion, but they haven't specified that as yet AFAIK.

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so confused......apparently i dont have to pledge for the core set...which would be great, and still get some add ons....but how? and which ones will i get? If i pledge the "foot in the door level," it is apparent that i will not be spending my cash on the core pack for a hundred bucks..but then how do i throw down enough to get one of the add on sets?

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ARGHLEBLA...HEY...waitaminute...it's a lot smaller than I expected...


It is definitely not Kraken-sized, but it is still pretty big. There's a hefty amount of forced perspective happening in the pic I posted; the shot is taken from a low angle, close to the dungeon tile. All the major square tiles on the floor are 1" square, so compare the ones at the front and back to get an idea of just how much the angle is skewing perspective.



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so confused......apparently i dont have to pledge for the core set...which would be great, and still get some add ons....but how? and which ones will i get? If i pledge the "foot in the door level," it is apparent that i will not be spending my cash on the core pack for a hundred bucks..but then how do i throw down enough to get one of the add on sets?


There will be a pledge manager survey that you will fill out for Reaper when the KS closes. Just make sure you pledge enough for all the rewards you want.

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