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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion


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are they saying Canada has to pay the same as Australia etc?

No, I think they mean "actual shipping" to be the actual price they are charged by USPS/whichever company for the shipping. So Canada would be less than Aus... presumably.



Yeah, I think it was all the taxes and other stupid penalties that prevent reaper stuff from getting to Canada in an orderly fashion.

I'm sure it will be a lot cheaper than Australia. I hear they have a 400% tax on gaming supplies and the shipping thereof.


But at least it means they can buy whatever they want this time around. Didn't they have a five item limit and then $25 each additional item last time?

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In at 1999 of 2000 for early bird shipping.


Found the update page:

as for extras (as of 350k) : Need Ratmen & dragon, want dark lords, pass kracken, mouselings

I have some of my budget left for further (or multiple) add-ons from stretch goals.

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okay. Place holder set with wrong credit card. Hopefully I will have as little difficulty sorting this out in the end as I did with the robotech kickstarter, once I have access to a different card, and I can use this one for add-ons instead. I hate doing things this way, but alas,what can I do?

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$7.8 million is the current kicktraq estimate.


It looks like reaper has broken kickstarter. I haven't gotten an update emailed after number 2.

I'm guessing they turned it off so we don't get a thousand emails. Or else KS does it automatically so it doesn't get marked automatically as spam.

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Hmm here's to hoping the $1 pledge for us al a carters doesn't suck.

Im in for $1 until I find out the international shipping, and find out how much money Ill have spare.


I think Ill be more than happy with my options. Ill be happy even if I just get the rat men...

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I think they're likely going to wait until near the end to clarify shipping costs, since they have no way of knowing how big the final core pledge boxes will be. Given how crazy fast it's moving right now, I'm thinking it's gonna be big. :bday:


Also, "free" gorgon and chimera is a sweet and unexpected development! Treat indeed! :D


Oh, and Reaper said in the comments that they will be shooting a "for scale" Kracken pic when things slow down a bit.


EDIT: Ooo, those bases look amazing!



--OneBoot :D

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$7.8 million is the current kicktraq estimate.


It looks like reaper has broken kickstarter. I haven't gotten an update emailed after number 2.


The kickstarter is capped at 6500 backers. At minimum pledge, that's $600,500 only.


At an average of double pledge, that's $1.2M, which is probably where this will settle.

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