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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion


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Welp, there goes all the wiggle-room I had built into my pledge. Guess I'll go up it again, 'cause there's no way I'm not getting those cavalry or Anhurians!


EDIT: And it's twice as big as the last one, too!

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Oh, another Core Set expansion I can't afford if I want Narthrax... how... delightful...


While I understand and accept that there are many financial reasons behind the way the stretch goals are arranged, I can't help but want for more (and more exciting) freebies... Meh. Human nature and all that, I guess.

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So if they're making the expansion sets more thematically linked from here on out, I'd assume we'll see cavalry troops to go with these leaders:





Maybe some heroes:




And Anhurian command/cavalry:




But I'd really like to see some Khamsin cavalry, those guys are awesome.

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