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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion


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I'm very glad to see the female dwarf on the bear. It looks like a promising beginning to the new expansion.


And I appreciate whoever was up or woke up at that ungodly hour to post the update.

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In all this I think we should take a moment to consider Kit. He's done a fantastic job on the pledge manager and over the next 10 weeks, yes 10 weeks his work load is going to be massive!


- There's the constant up loads to the pledge a manager and the last week of the KS is going to be fierce

- Then there the forum getting hammered with new people

- And the website getting hammered

- Also the crunching of all the data at the end of the KS


So good luck Kit, we appreciate all the important stuff behind the scenes!!

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The answer to OP question hinges on very important question for me: Mouslings. Yes, yes, I'm a crazed mousling fan, everyone knows it. I'd rather they be in metal too. But gosh darn it, I wants them all!


So based on the fact that this KS has mouslings in it, this one is better.


On a more objective, less mousling crazed point of view, this one is better because it has a gelatinous cube, the kraken, and a ton of dragons (which won't weight a freakin' ton). Full of win!


I also think Reaper has structured this one better for themselves, with the core set and the expansion. They can limit how many minis go into the core set, and make us pay more for the expansion, while we still get good deals.

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I like this KS very, very much. It is chock full of monsters. Added to KS1 I will have hordes of evils. Personally I find monsters, especially big ones, much MUCH easier to paint. AS mentioned, a bit of a dirty looking wash doesn't ruin them, and the bigger detail is easier to paint. They take about as much fiddling as a human sized figure but you only need 1-3 and they look VERY impressive on the table.

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PAINTS, CAVALRY, AND ANHURIANS! Well played yet again, Reaper. You continue to make it difficult for me to resist giving you my money.


When I first saw this, I misread it as "PANTS, CAVALRY, AND ANHURIANS" and immediately thought "Well, that's a good way to make Buglips feel all conflicted anat..."



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-2 + -4 = +6. A minus plus a minus = a plus.


Might be better to stick to Thac0?


Edit: I confused even myself


Huh? A minus times a minus is a plus. This one would be -6. Or is this some kind of new sorcery?

It's that new fangled goblin math. It's spreading like a plague...

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I'll probably be dropping my EB pledge down and grabbing a $1 one close to the end of the KS.. Since there are only 6 of the core set I want so far.. That, and I need to spread out the pain..


I'd love for the pledge manager to be open past Xmas, so I can throw all that Xmas cash at it..

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And here's the new Warlord list:


Charnal Grub (BSG) **revised from earlier posts as a Carrion Crawler**

Conlan (Crusaders)

Kristianna (Crusaders)

Sir Danel (Crusaders)

Herryk (Dwarves)

Logrim (Dwarves)

Ursula (Dwarves)

Ardynn (Elves)

Centaur Warrior (Elves & Tembrithil)

Chrial (Elves & Tembrithil)

Ice Warrior (Icingstead)

Ice Troll (Icingstead)

Mountain Troll (Kargir)

Toghra (Kargir)

Boneflayer (Kargir)

Boneflail (Kargir)

Krug (Kargir)

Warg (Koborlas)

Olivia (Mercs)

Grundor Hoardtaker (Merc)

Stone Giant (Mercs)

Gauntfield (Necros)

Ghasts (Necros)

Thoth (Nefsokar)

Mi-sher (Nefsokar)

Scorpion (Nefsokar)

Sokar's Avatar (Nefsokar)

Avatar of Sekhmet (Nefsokar)

Count Lorenth (Overlords)

Seahag (Razig)

Spikeshell Warriors (Reptus)

Dragon Turtle (Reptus)

Hill Giant (Reven)

Traeg (Reven)

Woodcutters (Reven)

Korgug (Reven)

Bloodmane (Reven)

Sylph (Tembrithil)

Drys (Tembrithil)


That's 36 now (not counting alt sculpts for the ghast and spikeshell, or duplicates of models, like the gnolls).


Breakdown by faction:

BSG: 1

Crusaders: 3

Dwarves: 3

Elves: 3

Icingstead: 2

Kargir: 5

Koborlas: 1

Mercs: 3

Necropolis: 2

Nefsokar: 5

Overlords: 1

Razig: 1

Reptus: 2

Reven: 5

Tembrithil: 4


Breakdown by faction, including Pre-KS and KS1:

BSG: 2

Crusaders: 7

Darkreach: 5

Darkspawn: 3

Dwarves: 7

Elves: 7

Icingstead: 6

Kargir: 11

Koborlas: 2

Kragmarr: 1

Mercs: 4

Necropolis: 9

Nefsokar: 8

Overlords: 3

Razig: 2

Reptus: 3

Reven: 9

Sisterhood: 3

Tembrithil: 7


Disclaimer: These numbers include only "official" models for Warlord (regardless of the actual line they appear in), and do not include proxies, no matter how close or appropriate they are.



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Was pleasantly surprised to check the kickstarter this morning.


I like a lot of those new paint colours, and the new expansion set so far looks good. Pledge will have to be upped once we get them unlocked.


Or should I pledge for them now in hopes it will help unlock them? hmmmm

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