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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion

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If you do, I´ll too!

...you're going to detonate your dishwasher? O.o


...I want video of this.


Challenge Accepted!



Just forgive my english, as you can see, not my mother language...


Noooo vertical video nooooo


But the fact that the sponge was fighting back was fun

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@Pingo, what the holy hand grenade is up with your comments on Kickstarter? Avant garde nonsequitur surrealist performance art? Or are you trading movie quotes with someone I didn't notice?

Late reply, sorry. It was a medly of quotes from Mystery Science Theater 3000. There had been a flurry of discussion of MST3K, then I got carried away with enthusiasm even as the conversation ceased being silly, so I was saying these very odd things as more serious people were discussing logistics.

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Meh Squee Toes

I'm from Florida. I know Meh Squee Toes.


And I think a giant Mosquito would freak my players out more than giant spiders. They've gotten used to giant spiders.


Maybe someday there will be a bones mosquito and I can have a swarm of them. Muhahahahaha!


Wouldn't that just be a swarm of Stirges?


I don't know if Stirges are trademarked.


And if they're in a Mutants and Masterminds, they're giant mosquitos. :devil:

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*shrugs* doesnt really matter I never posted much then anyway...just weird that they arent there.

various forum migrations have eaten some of the oldest of the posts and threads over the years.

and sometimes, settings just don't show things that really are in there somewhere; you have to really dig to access them.


some of the necro'd threads surprise us when resurrected, not so much in the resurrecting, but that they were located in the first place to arise again.


it happens.

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Introducing Expansion 2 with just the teaser of a few cool minis only to follow up by introducing another expansion is not only a bit of a bummer to me it makes me worry that I may have jumped the gun with my pledge and that they will not have enough time to flesh out both expansions to make it worth more than just spending the $50 piecemeal.

Reaper has said that they have a contingency plan for if a CE doesn't get fully unlocked, though they haven't specified details.


Ah, but sir, you missed the "previous sketch".


Let me help you:



Creator Izzy "Talin" Collier 10 minutes ago

Well, I have no weeping angels (that I can show you, so we can neither confirm nor deny their existence, so don't blink), but here's a Time Lord - er, Lady - er, character for you.



That bit of Circular Gallifreyan says "Korsair." Presumably a reference to The Corsair, especially given the Ouroboros. And that sketch looks very, ah, Sexy, if you catch my drift...


Absolutely catchin' your drift. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the sketches.

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Excellent Battle Cry for Diving into the KS Comments, OneBoot!


Now, remember, you must have chicken handy for such things.


I personally get tired of sifting through the stuff on the KS comments so thank you for the culling of the comments, OneBoot.

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I personally get tired of sifting through the stuff on the KS comments so thank you for the culling of the comments, OneBoot.

No kidding. SO MANY comments.



Part of it is the whining. My kids are grown. No more whining.


And you can only read the same arguments so many times before you want to yell at someone.


So for my sanity, I only post there about very specific things when someone notifies me about it.


So props again to OneBoot for not losing their mind when going through it all.

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Nah. I had to get rebudget my entire life but still came out in the black. Unfortunately the $400 had originally slotted for this got reduced to about $20. I don't think I could have lived with myself if I didn't go in for at least a Kraken, especially since I begged for one. If I can squeeze in more I definately will.

The news that the pledge manager is planned to be open until the end of the year could help you squirrel away a little more funds. I have had some car repairs that have eaten up some of my funds, but hopefully can bounce back with even more over the next couple of months.


I will be pledging as much as I possibly can during the KS, though. We need those stretch goals :)


I have been working on my handyman skills around the house and with cars to help with $$$. I just replaced my own garbarge disposal last week, It should have been an easy job, but it was all rusted together and it took cursing and a hammer to get it apart. The new one works beautifully, no leaks too. Next I work on the brakes on my truck.


These are good skills to have for the zombie apocalypse.

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It doesn't seem to matter what happens, someone on the Kickstarter comments will complain bitterly.


It's like death and taxes. Inevitable.



All squeeing aside (Policeee box! Eeeeeee!) I have a fairly straight forward way of deciding if I'm going to pledge for a 'group' of minis. In the case of this KS it would be for the core, or each expansion. I snag a picture of the group, and drop it in Photoshop. I then look at each mini I would want to buy and compare it to the company's catalog and write over it my best guess for the eventual price. If there isn't something similar, I guess based on other miniatures/other lines/other companies. I only write down prices for the ones I want.


Then I total them. If the stuff I want adds up to more than the cost of the group, I buy it. If it's less, I wait for retail.

Wow. Very thorough!

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Izzy "Talin" Collier about 4 hours ago

*Waves at Antonia* Still on - just running back and forth. Cooking a microwave pizza and re-scanning yesterday's Ogre.



I had some critiques of the oni-girl monk yesterday because she seemed kind of demure. The new version is serious awesomeness. I really really want one.

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