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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion


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I like both.... I just really like Talin's art.

The first one is good art, a disconcerting juxtaposition of fearsome monster and vulnerable girl. It just isn't what I would want for my butt kicking oni-lady monk character or monster.


Heh, the funny thing is, I like the juxtaposition. Partially because it causes the enemy to lower their guard. They think, huh, it's just a weak girl, no problem. Then they get their tushies handed to them by said "weak girl". Loves it so much!


The giantess from last year for example. When my husband first saw her pose he said she looked like she was taunting her enemies, perhaps she had just beat down one of their friends and was taunting them. Macho guys constantly underestimate lady warriors, it's fun to play that up sometimes.


Mind, I like strong warrior ladies too. Both are fun.

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I actually liked Talin's first version of the Oni a bit better as she looks a bit sad and yet resigned, like there was tragedy in her story. The new one probably makes a better mini though as it looks tougher.


I like both versions, but I agree that the other one had a bit more of an unusual character to her. Perhaps we can get the new one as a mini, and both in the much-demanded art book?

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I will be happy if I am wrong but I think people are way off on the end amount predictions. I dont see it going over $3 million. Everyone uses how people buying patters were in past kickstarters but the thing that is different about this kickstarter is that it is a sequel. Had I got on the first one and had just received my shipment I would not be getting on aboard another. Because the first one proved reliable (I assume, I havent heard complaints) they got the huge opening day bump which I think is not typical for a kickstarter and a the bump is made up of a lot of people that would normally have been the end bump.


AGAIN, I will be very happy if I am completely wrong and it ends at $6 million.

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Blah, insomnia strikes again. So, without further ado...


*cracks knuckles*


Alright, chums, let's do dis.





--OneBoot :D

ROTFLMAO! This kills me! Every time.

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