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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion


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What, a cranky gopher centaur carrying rolls of trade goods?

The possibilities! ...

Or just a pack rat! As good as a mule in the right dungeons...


I like that.


There could be a whole tribe of them, living near the ruins of Castle Greyhawk (or Undermountain, or whatever your campaign's mega-dungeon is) renting themselves out like underground Sherpas as combination guide/pack mules. They are renowned for their low-light vision and stealthy capabilities.


Of course they supplement their income with their curio/armour/weapon/magic item shop, which is coincidentally located right next to the camp where they rent out their services to adventuring parties. And rumours that the rudest groups of adventurers never seem to make it back alive are just that, rumours, and scurrilous ones at that. There is absolutely no evidence of Gopher Centaurs bypassing low level areas, leading adventurers to their doom and absconding with choicest bits of their gear. When queried about the rumours that parties bringing along large quantities of cheese tend to get better treatment, official spokesmouse Grey Blarney issued a terse "No comment!" Off the record though, he may have said, "Yesss, Yesss, bring lotsa lotsa cheese" whilst rubbing his paws together.

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Cute video. I notice Ron referred to the mini formerly identified as (I think) a Gerbil Centaur as a "Pack Rat." Whatever it is, it's pretty unique.


Just hit 13,000 backers!


My apologies for the sequential posts, Ladystorm.

Wouldnt a gerbil centar be part gerbil and part horse or part gerbil and part man? I'm pretty sure that was just part gerbil and part gerbil. Which I think just makes it a gerbil.

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Either/or briggart. You'll can include it in your pledge, and you won't have to pay it later. You can also just pledge your addons, but you'll have to pay the shipping before Dec 31st. I recommend pledging your addons+shipping if your credit card can handle it. More stretchgoals now is a good thing. If you've used the pledge calculator it'll give you an exact cost to pledge.


Edit: Also, congrats on 200 posts! :)

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But KS takes 10% of the money pledged. Should we increase the shipping fee by 10%, does the calculator already account for that, or Reaper will simply eat the difference (thanks!!)?


PS Thanks, I didn't notice ::):


Edit: I guess I should have been clearer in my original question.

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I really like the not-Tardis and not-Weeping Angels in the expansions, but the other items don't seem like stuff I'd really use. I think I'll probably pass on the sets and hope that Reaper sells them individually once the KS is over.


They're adding about $20-$25 of stuff per expansion "step" so by the time funding is over, you might find some useful stuff. Not sure why their first terrain isn't fantasy related (eg. ruins) but the modern stuff that's there can be used for HeroClix, Dust Tactics, MERCs, AT-43, etc.

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despite some of the many complaints, Reaper really is doing it's best for shipping outside of the U.S. and are taking a hit on our behalf to do so. A small hit considering the overall profit they stand to make with the Kickstarter funding the molds and such for the minis, but since that is long term profit, it's a bigger hit than many realise

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