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I mean the 4 bonus ones that are all the same sculpt. The warlord army creator engine lists the bugbear warrior which I assumed these are, it also lists 2 of the named bugbears and one of the name gnolls on the Reven list, as well as the beast woodcutter and a named beast hero in the core section and then the Hill Giant all under Reven. I counted about 10 figures for Reven in the reapergames army creator. Is the list on the army creator incorrect? Or am I misunderstanding something?




Also, are Kagir and Reven allied factions? It's odd that there are bugbears, gnolls and hill giants in both and that the regular hill giant wont follow the hill giant warlord. Is there a story that explains this in the book. My copy of Warlord 2nd ed. has not arrived yet.


Also, also, I hope there is a reveal at $2million. The current ones do not excite me.

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Are the bonus 4 bugbears and 4 gnolls not Warlord characters?

I was hoping to use stuff like Hill Giants as Heavies. Will those fit in a 2 inch base or does Reaper tend to sculpt them with wider stances?

no and no. 3 inch, maybe. take a look at the scale shot on the home page, they are huge sized.


Actually, the answer is yes (Korgug, Bugbear Bully from the Reven), and yes (Bondeflayer from the Kargir). However, they also appeared pre-KS1.


The Warlord Hill Giant does fit on a 2" square base. Krug (aka Brugnungir in the Kargir faction) will also fit on a 2" base; he has a tiny bit of overhang in metal because he has an integral base from being a DHL figure, but if you trim that, he fits fine. I would imagine in Bones this will be even easier to do.




hm, good to know. i don't own the sculpts was guesstimating based on the scale pic. i guess it depends on your preferences, too. i prefer to have my minis fit comfortably.


keep in mind that the new bases are round, not square. a 2' square base has a diagonal that is 2.83 inches across, giving you considerably more room to base a large model. if it barely fits on a square 2' base, it will not work on a round 2' base.





definitely will not fit on a 2' round, even with a floating arm.

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Also, also, I hope there is a reveal at $2million. The current ones do not excite me.

Neither would the queens we use.



I paint my Bones above the waist, Sunshine



One night in Denton makes a soft plastic humble

Not much between us and ecstasy

One night in Denton and the tough goals tumble

Can't be too careful with your company

I can feel Bryanzilla walking next to me

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And that's $2,000,015!


More bases! And just $40k for the next goal


Sadly, seeing as we're down to 1,996,609 again, I'm guessing that... "charming" individual is still getting his or her jollies from inflating and deflating the pledge total.


Or I'm an idiot that didn't realize the window open to the kickstarter had stopped updating... Most likely the second one. :wacko:

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Bryan Stiltz 24 minutes ago

yes. He is at it again. Manipulating pledges. We have reported it but have no capacity to otherwise do anything, like ban or block.




Yeah, several people have speculated that the credit card company might view this as odd behaviour and do something about it.


I hope there is a way to get this user banned/excluded from this KS. It's just not right...

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